Photoshop Awards: Jessica Alba Edition

Behold new mom Jessica Alba, posing for a new Campari calendar. Jessica wants us to think she’s shed every ounce of preggo, and is once again, perfection of body. Enter Photoshop guru! He’s nipped a few off of her hips, and made sure that Jessica is NOT smiling, even a little. ‘Cuz that is how she rolls. Also…boob lift! Ahhh, if Photoshop could only live in Snarkista’s closet. Santa?!

3 thoughts on “Photoshop Awards: Jessica Alba Edition”

  1. Actually, I think I’d vote for the pre-PhotoChop look. Though it’s funny how much better the outfit looks w/o the wrinkles.

    That has to be the gayest thing I’ve ever said…

  2. Total BS. Two entirely different photos, no matter how good your PS skills are, you can’t do what’s seen in this pic. Don’t have to be working for the CIA to figure that out.

  3. I agree with Dean: these photos are different! Look at the knees. Her right knee is not visible in the original one, but VOILA here it is in the Photoshopped?

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