3 thoughts on “Poll: Should The Idol Judges Have Saved Matt Last Night?”

  1. You guys are so so stupid and very lame to simply agree on the poll that Matt did not deserved to be saved at all. He did great, awesome and marvellous on his performance and it was still his best performance of all, If he has been eliminated on that episode which he performed “You Found Me”, it’s logical but to be eliminated for nothing especially since he sang so well, that good and amazing well, that’s got the be the worst and stupid things/polls you guys agreed to! I mean, Lil should had been eliminated for good as she’s becoming just like Megan Joy! I know right from the beginning when Matt was performing and fighting his chance to be saved that Paula and Kara already wanted to use the safe cause they know from their vision and intuation that Matt is a very talented, amazing, singer and Simon decided to agree to it cause mijority of them want to save Matt and heard/see him singing again next week. Just admit it that you guys are jealous that they had saved Matt!!!

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