Possible Batman Killer Copycat Arrested at Dark Knight Rises Movie in Ohio

A man who might have had plans to copycat the horrific crimes of’ Batman killer’ James Holmes was arrested in Ohio on Saturday. Thankfully, no one was harmed in the incident that might have turned into a repeat of the infamous ‘Batman shooting’ on July 20 in Aurora, CO during a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises.

The unidentified man was arrested at a North Ridgeville, OH movie theater on Saturday after he was caught carrying a bag containing a gun, ammunition and several knives.

A manager at the theater in North Ridgeville, Ohio, became suspicious of the man, who entered the theater carrying a satchel to attend a screening of The Dark Knight Rises. The theater manager and an off-duty police officer working as a security guard searched the man’s bag and found a gun, ammunition, and multiple knives.

Police were called to the scene and the so-far unidentified man was taken into custody. Authorities searched the man’s home on Monday night but have not released any information on what they might have found. The man’s name has not yet been released.

So-called ‘Batman killer’ James Holmes is charged with wounding 58 people and killing 12 at a midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises on July 20 in Aurora, CO.