Prince William finally getting married

It’s about damned time – the British royal family released a statement that Prince William is finally engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Kate Middleton, whom he met at university in 2002.  They began dating in 2003, and almost immediately there was speculation about whether Middleton would become the next member of the royals.

The rumors were up, down, and all around – at one point the press said they were on the verge of breaking up – but now they’re finally heading toward the finish line. Prince Charles expressed relief at the announcement, and apparently the wedding is being scheduled for spring or summer of 2011.  It’s going to be huge, you can bet on that.

3 thoughts on “Prince William finally getting married”

  1. Who the heck cares??? They r ppl like everyone else. Must be nice to be born into royalty. I come from a working class. We earn what we have. Please I couldn’t care less. And this goes to all celebrities who get married and then divorced. They must be bored with their life.

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