Prince William Kills Potential Winehouse Party

The Royal Navy warship Prince William is serving on has seized cocaine worth at least £40million, (approximately $80 million US) the British Ministry of Defense said today. Dang! You KNOW that was Amy Wino’s order for cheatin’ hubby Blaaaaaake’s jail-release party! If there was any left in 2 weeks. According to The Sun,, The HMS Iron Duke intercepted a speedboat in the north Atlantic, hundreds of miles northeast of Barbados, on Saturday. US Coast Guard officials were on the British ship, boarded the vessel, and found 45 freakin’ bales of cocaine weighing a total of 900kg (1,980lb). That was a whole Wino weekend!

Prince William is spending time on the warship as part of a two-month assignment with the Navy aimed at preparing him for his future role as head of the armed forces. The commanding officer said William was “part of the ship’s company” during the drugs seizure but did not specify his exact role. Snarkista thinks his role was that of hot tipster! With extra hot! You know Wills has the lowdown on Brit celeb scoop…he’s gonna be KING, y’all!

The 50ft speedboat, which appeared to be heading for Europe, was spotted by the ship’s helicopter and ordered to stop. The cocaine found on board was transferred to the Navy frigate and the five crew members were detained. The speedboat later sank. Probably after a ‘lil torpedo action. Amy’s probably gonna be a bit grumpy today, so don’t stop by the crackflat.

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