Producers of Hangover 2 come to their senses, ditch Mel Gibson

Well, the bubble is finally starting to burst for Mel Gibson, who up until recently could still fall back on the success of his acting career, but even money-hungry Hollywood production houses are no longer willing to risk upsetting people by hiring an abusive, bigoted rageaholic.  It seems that the cameo role that was offered to Gibson in Hangover 2 has now been snatched away and given to Liam Neeson instead.

Producers claim that many cast and crew members complained about the choice of Gibson, and some flat-out refused to work with him.  Gibson says he doesn’t understand why Mike Tyson was given a second chance while ol’ Mel remains in the dog house.  Um, maybe it’s because Tyson repented for his behavior and turned his life around instead of blaming everyone else, threatening people, and flying off on anti-semitic rants?  Just a guess.