Randy Quaid Mug Shot – Too Bizarre

Actor Randy Quaid and wife Evi Quaid were arrested on Thursday for allegedly stiffing a hotel in California for over $10,000. However, Quaid and his wife don’t seem to be taking the charges very seriously, if their police mug shots are any indication.

Randy Quaid & Evi Quaid Mug Shots

In the Randy Quaid mug shot released by the Presidio County Sheriff’s Department, the actor appears to be ‘mugging’ it up for the camera. Quaid poses for a sideways view with his jacket casually slung over his shoulder and a big grin on his face. Wife Evi Quaid, meanwhile, looks into the camera for her mug shot like she’s a supermodel posting for a fashion spread, with a quirky almost smile hinting on her lips.

The couple was arrested on Thursday in Texas after allegedly failing to pay a $10,000 bill at the San Ysidro Ranch hotel in Santa Barbara, CA. As a slam back against the charges, Randy Quaid and his wife sent a copy of their police statement to TMZ.com claiming they had indeed paid their bill and included a copy of a $5,546.96 cashier’s check to the hotel.

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