Rapper T.I. Back In Jail Just Two Days After Release

Rapper T.I. is back in federal prison just two days after he was released from jail. T.I. (real name Clifford Harris) was supposed to be serving out the last month of his sentence at a halfway house. Now he’s back in the big house and apparently it’s all because he just couldn’t resist being picked up from jail by a luxury ride.

When T.I. was released from prison, he was reportedly supposed to be picked up by a regular old van. Instead, T.I. took the 375-mile trip from his Arkansas jail to his Atlanta halfway house via a luxury tour bus. This apparently did not sit well with prison officials. T.I.’s attorney, Steve Sadow, said they had an “issue” with his client’s sweet ride.

“We are awaiting the opportunity to quickly resolve whatever the issue may be that the Federal Bureau of Prisons has with T.I.’s method of transportation — bus — from Arkansas to Atlanta, so that T.I. can return to the halfway house to complete the remaining days of his sentence,” Sadow said in a press statement.

T.I. was arrested in 2009 for attempting to buy guns illegally from undercover federal agents. He served seven months in prison for that crime. The rapper and actor was arrested again in 2010 for possession of ecstasy and sentenced to 11 more months in prison for violating his probation. He was initially set for release at the end of September, but got out early.

Sadow said T.I. never meant to mislead authorities about the method of transportation he would be using to reach the halfway house in Atlanta. T.I. already has a deal lined up with VH1 for a reality show to feature his return to life outside of prison. We’re sure going home in a huge tour bus probably looked better on camera than some dinky van. Right T.I.?

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11 thoughts on “Rapper T.I. Back In Jail Just Two Days After Release”

  1. Leave him alone he’s paid his debt to society. Is it a problem how he gets to the Halfway House. Keep yo headed up man and believe in prayer!!!!

  2. Well, I agree that T.I. should set a much better example for his million+ fan base, locking him up another year won’t change what and who he represents. He along with other former-drug dealing rappers are definitely a mark on the black race. Violence begets violence. Start with his lyrics to the many sex, drug and violence-laced songs. Don’t think for a second that some unwitting child, teen or adult hasn’t or won’t be influenced by it. That’s reality. Call it “Life Imitating Art” Roll models? Nope. Good, global citizens? Nope. Lil’ Wayne, T.I., Jay-Z, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Too Short, and many others have delivered some of the most destructive music in the history of this country. More importantly, their music has subverted the intent of freeing blacks from slavery, Jim Crow, etc. Blacks don’t have a good excuse for committing black-on-black crime, having record drop out rates, birth rates, etc. No other culture in America (experiencing high poverty) commits the level of crime that blacks do. Blacks had a chance to take back their community a long time ago from their own criminal-minded brethren, or shut down liquor stores or create real small businesses. Instead, the perception of the everyday black man in this country is “the bottom of the human totem pole.” Hip Hop, Film, or Sports, or Religious celebrities aside, the million man march did NOTHING to impact black communities long term. Farrakhan and his org made money and blacks followed a weak pipe dream. While, there’s much to say about R&B artists too, I’ll stop there for now. That’s enough to ponder.

  3. The bottom line is TI, Jay Z Lil Wayne are here to entertain us. I have a 10 year old black son he knows the different between a entertainer and a role model Dr. Martin L. King is a role model rappers are entertainer. TI is not the first black man that White Tee try to hold down and he want be the last. I tell my son to love all people and Stay Ready so he want have to Get Ready.

  4. I hear you Alicia. However, when will the black community hold these types of entertainers accountable? Here to entertain who? I’d NEVER let my 10 year old son listen to THOSE lyrics. Has your son read MLK’s works? His speeches? Rappers words vs Role Model’s words? Big difference and intent. I agree with you about “Love” but there’s tough love too, and until black followers hold these rappers accountable for their misogynist and violent viewpoints, their influence will continue to be a destructive force to black America.

  5. Yes and son was read many of MLK books. His GPA is 4.0 his also GREAT in all sports. Lil Wayne came to my city last year along with so other rapper we had a suite were the concert took place. At the time his was 9 and a friend could not believe I was allowing him to attend the concert. I told her their is nothing Lil Wayne can say in one night what I install in my son in ten years. He knows rapper more hype than anything else entertain none the less. U give the rapper to much power they are only entertainer music has been around from the beginning of time all type of music. That’s like saying if your relationship fails apart all you need to do is
    listen to Anita Baker and you man will come
    back. See how silly that sounds. Teach the
    children that rappers have a gift of rhyme. Because we have the freedom of speech that’s why we must teach the children.

  6. You might not let your child listen to the music but that does not mean he will never hear it but if he knows right from wrong it want make a differents.

  7. They should just leave the man the fuck alone nd let him live his life. They act as if he killd someone….

  8. I am not going to speak on raising your child. You sound like a single mom who’s raising him the best way you know how. I don’t give rappers too much power. They’ve been given that long before I spoke out against their misogynist and violent lyrics. Right from wrong is a start but it’s not enough. These rappers know right from wrong but the heart is where change begins and ends. Best to you and your son.

  9. No I’m not single. Married for 14 years. I’m saying their no changing the minds of the TI, 50 cents and Jay Z’s of the world. You can’t teach a old dog new trick. But if we start with the younger ones now they will grew into better men. We both know it goes deeper than just rap music. And YES it has every thing to do with raising kids. Best to you and your.
    I hope we meet again. It’s been real.

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