Report: State Says Casey Anthony Intentionally Killed Caylee

New reports this evening in the Caylee Anthony homicide case…the state of Florida believes that Caylee’s death was not an accident, that the duct tape was intentionally placed over the child’s mouth, and that Caylee was killed in June. The tests have now been run on Caylee’s hair found at the scene, and it matches the hair found in the trunk of Casey’s car. This directly places Caylee’s body in the trunk of the car. Evidence points to Casey killing little 2 year-old Caylee intentionally, and alone.

Sources also say investigators have established a time frame of death that dates back to June, according to reports returned by forensic botanists and entomologists. They were brought in to analyze the terrain and insect growth where Caylee’s remains were found. Biological growth was found growing up through the skeleton, and bug evidence was also analyzed. These insect and botanical studies can pinpoint how long the body was there at the crime scene with amazing accuracy. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (The Body Farm) said that there was 2.6 days of human decomposition evident in Casey’s trunk.

A hair which showed signs of decomposition was also found in the trunk. Sources said the hair matches hair taken from Caylee’s remains. Investigators believe the time frame coupled with other evidence- the duct tape found over the mouth of Caylee’s skull, high levels of chloroform detected in the trunk and cell phone pings from Anthony’s phone that place her near the crime scene in mid-June…points only to Casey as the killer. Officials now firmly believe that Casey acted intentionally, and alone.

Casey and her mother Cindy had a huge fight the night of June 15th, when Cindy confronted Casey about money she had stolen from the family. Cindy reportedly was so angry she put her hands around Casey’s throat. Casey took Caylee and left the house, and that was the last time anyone saw Caylee alive. Casey always had an animosity with her mother. Additionally, Casey’s boyfriend at the time told police that he’d told Casey he didn’t want to have female children; that he wanted sons.

Motive doesn’t have to be proven to convict someone of murder. Premeditated or not, Casey committed aggravated child-abuse towards Casey. Sources said although a cause of Caylee’s death may never be known, Casey will be convicted based on extremely strong evidence. This means there must have been significant evidence of Casey being at the crime scene where Caylee was found…fingerprints, DNA, possibly other definitive, forensic evidence.

4 thoughts on “Report: State Says Casey Anthony Intentionally Killed Caylee”

  1. i think the longer that this story/case can be prolonged the longer that caycee can stay out of prison. i think she knows what she has done and that she is not uncomfortable being in jail and therefore will do whatever to drag the finding of the truth out as long as she can.

  2. she has had a sick mind all of her life and i just don’t get it cindy was a rn and george was a detive in ohio for homaside these parents never seen the real casey after 22 years that she was sick in the head sounds like the whole family never gave a damm just want they wanted never anything for caylee this child is safe now and no one can ever hurt her again ever this is a sick family that plays games with each other and they caused a death of a child in there sick ways

  3. In response to “judy”: The media is not dragging this out. Casey is not conspiring with the media to stay in jail and out of prison. That is ridiculous. The hearings are moving in court as the system allows, while the DA compiles their case and casey’s attorneys prepare her defense. She waived her right to a speedy trial. Gathering evidence for a case this complicated takes time.

    And thinking someone is not “uncomfortable” in jail is an extremely ignorant statement to make.

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