Rielle Hunter GQ Photos Leave Former John Edwards Mistress in Tears

As we noted in an earlier post, John Edwards‘ mistress Rielle Hunter posed for some rather tasteless photos for GQ magazine to go along with her tell-all interview about her affair with the former presidential candidate. Well, apparently, Rielle Hunter herself agrees the pictures are disgusting.

Rielle Hunter on 'Extra' (Warner Bros)
Rielle Hunter on 'Extra' (Warner Bros)

On The View Monday, Barbara Walters said Rielle Hunter called her “in tears” over the photos of her published in GQ magazine. According to Walters, Hunter “screamed for two hours” after seeing the GQ photos. “She said she found the photographs repulsive,” Walters said.

So why the hell did Rielle Hunter pose for the icky, half-clothed photos of her sprawled out on a bed covered in her daughter’s toys? According to Walters, Hunter said “she trusted Mark Seliger, whom she said is a brilliant photographer and quote, ‘I went with the flow.'”

Hunter reportedly “thought having one of those photos was okay and would be sexy and that there were others that were just beautiful headshots, but that GQ picked photos to hit one note.”

Yeah, blame it all on GQ for making you look like a ho. Please, you can’t tell us that you go and pose for photos like that and expect the magazine to NOT use them when you’re the key player in a massive political scandal and sexual affair with a former presidential candidate. Especially when you just have to dish about how John Edwards was a “relentless lover” who slept with you the first night you met him in the very same magazine.

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