Right Now In Nashville: Britney Spears’ New Song “Womanizer” Leaked by 107.5

9/22/08 UPDATE: Britney’s new single is NOT gonna drop today. Apparently the powers that be realized it wasn’t radio-ready (amen) and have decided to do a little more work on it. Translation: Put that sucker through the mixing board again and make it sound less like a transmission from another planet. The promise is that “Womanizer” is coming out NEXT week. Whoopee!
Well, the boyz at Nashville’s 107.5 The River have done it again! If you remember, they helpfully brought us Jessica Simpson calling Carrie Underwood OUT for saying Tony Romo was still ringing her up. Now, Britney Spears’ first single from her upcoming album “Circus” (Don’t get me started) has been leaked by the station. Unfortunately it’s only about 40 seconds long. Or…perhaps fortunately! Snarkista was kinda liking whatever song Britney was rehearsing to before the VMA’s. This ain’t it.
You be the judge and listen! “Womanizer” is gonna drop on Monday (Sept. 22).

Too bad the boyz couldn’t leak some GASOLINE into the gas stations here in Nashville! Friends today drove around for hours trying to FIND gas. One finally did, for 6 bucks a gallon. While nowhere near Ike-like, we’re having gas lines. Stations have been closing their pumps for over a week, and now it’s getting kinda scary! Governor Phil Bredesen promises that gas is on the way…barges coming up the Cumberland River. Snarkista hopes ye in other parts of the country aren’t in for what we’re going through. Thank God for telecommuting!

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