Nashville radio station’s Woody and Jim from The River 107.5 (NOT a country station by the way, but I digress…) interviewed new beer SpokesFrog Jessica Simpson yesterday, and the dicey subject of Carrie Underwood came up. Specifically, Underpants’ big FIB to Allure magazine about Tony Romo still calling her. Jessica agreed that it is definitely NOT true.

Jess said that “Tony and I both laughed at that! We got a chuckle out of it.” So far, so good. Then Jess efffed up big time. How does she know for sure? She snoops on Tony’s phone call-log! Way to pull an Aniston, Jess! On the air!!! Look how well that shizz worked out for The Stalker! Check the River 107.5 link above for the 3 video clips of the interview, and don’t miss clip 3 where Jess discusses farting in bed. Oh, girl.

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