Right Now In Nashville: Vanderbilt is 5-0?!

Holy gridiron, baby- the Vanderbilt University Commodores pulled out an upset against Auburn today, giving perennially jinxed Vandy a 5-0 record… one that hasn’t been seen since 1943. Yep, it can be tough to be a Vandy fan, but the team really seems to be different this year! I know, I know, shut UP or you’ll jinx ’em again! Seriously. That’s how fans feel EVERY YEAR.

Everyone in Nashville knows to be kind to your Vandy friends during football season. It can be that heartbreaking. The team has snatched defeat from the jaws of victory so many times it is part of Nashville’s DNA.

But Vanderbilt, ranked No. 19, beat No. 13 Auburn 14-13 in a stunner in Nashville. That puts Vanderbilt in FIRST PLACE in the SEC East at 3-0, with wins over South Carolina, Mississippi and now Auburn.

Auburn took a 13-0 lead in the first quarter, but was shut down the rest of the way. Vanderbilt will likely jump to #15 in the rankings. You read that right. I AM gonna shut up now, after saying major Congrats to the Commodores. I’m SURE not gonna get blamed for anything that might go wrong!