Rihanna Assaulted By Chris Brown

Update: It has been confirmed that Rihanna is the named alleged victim in the Chris Brown case. The allegation is that she was assaulted with a deadly weapon.

Insiders have identified singer Rihanna as the victim of a felony domestic assault by her boyfriend, R&B singer Chris Brown. As we told you earlier, Chris was on the lam from the cops all day after the assault early this morning. He turned himself into the LAPD a few hours ago, and was arrested.

Both Chris and Rihanna were at Clive Davis’s pre-Grammy party last night, and left together. The assault took place in a car, and Chris left the scene before the cops arrived. Rihanna’s reps have been saying that her facial injuries were due to a “car accident”, but it is now virtually certain that she was the female victim whom the cops (as normal practice) did not identify by name.

NY Post
reports that Sources said Brown beat Rihanna after they fought in his car following the party.

“She got out of the car to walk home. He got out to stop her,” said a source. “Things got physical. He hit her, possibly more than once. She had multiple bruises.”

A security guard at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles told the Daily News Sunday night that he saw Rihanna being taken for treatment at the hospital.

“She’s been released,” said guard Rodderick Brown.

TMZ has video of Chris getting booked, on $50,000 bond. He has reportedly bonded out.

Ri-Ri needs to get her alien boots out and stiletto all over that dumbass. Swiss-cheese him. Hopes for a speedy recovery for Rihanna, and swift justice for Chris.

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  1. Poor Rihanna…
    The fact that Chris Brown hit anyone is a shock to his fans, and nobody’s gonna like that…And if the girl is in fact Rihanna, Chris Brown is going down.

  2. I’ve heard that Chris Brown hit her because he learned that she had given him an STD. if this IS the case, I gotta be honest. Im pretty sure in anger, i would have done the same thing…

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