Rihanna: Pregnant? Crazy? Both?


Pop star Rihanna, who was brutally beaten by her boyfriend Chris Brown, has already taken him back. They’ve already been hanging together, only weeks after he destroyed her face. What a complete dumbass.

The L.A. DA’s office is working to build a case against Chris, and her interviews with police and the hospital will come in. However, if she is a reluctant witness, it will make their job much harder. The ghastly photos, however, will be hard for Rihanna to explain away.

There are reports that Rihanna is, or was, pregnant. Whether this has clouded her reasoning is unknown, but girlfriend…any man who does that kind of number on you WILL DO IT AGAIN. Snarkista does not care how cute and boyishly innocent Chris Brown’s face is, he is an abuser. Just because you could probably whip his ass, and give him a trache with your stiletto, is no reason to hook back up with the putz.

Sadly, Rihanna is just like most victims of abuse. They find it extremely hard to change the situation themselves. Verbal, emotional, physical…it all does the same things on the inside. It takes serious work to fix the co-dependent brain.

Obviously, people think Ri-Ri is nuts to take Chris back, and they’re right. Think again, princess. Next time, it could be your crying baby that gets the beatdown.

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