Rihanna Refusing To Press Charges Against Chris Brown


Singer Rihanna won’t press charges against Chris Brown for allegedly beating her in Los Angeles on February 8, The Sun claims today. She is also refusing to cooperate with the authorities who are conducting an intensive investigation against Chris, in contrast to her cooperation in the beginning after the assault. An unidentified police source says:

“Rihanna says she doesn’t want to testify against him. She has had a change of heart and doesn’t want the case to proceed.”

Rihanna is an idiot, as she let Chris sweet-talk his way back into her good graces last week by spending some quality time together at P. Diddy’s Miami house. Once an abuser, always an abuser. Ask Tina Turner, girl.

The police, however, may be able to proceed on their own without Rihanna’s help. The police source says that:

“Detectives are still building their case based on what she originally told them and accounts of witnesses. If the DA decides they have enough evidence, they can proceed without Rihanna’s testimony.”

Since California law allows prosecutors to charge an individual with domestic violence, even if the couple reunites, prosecutors in Los Angeles will be asked to decide if the case against Chris is strong enough to proceed without Rihanna’s testimony. A file on the case, including Rihanna’s original statement to police as well as witness accounts, will all be handed to the Los Angeles County District Attorney later this week.

Chris’ arraignment, meanwhile, has been scheduled for tomorrow.

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  1. stuff like Rihanna and Chris Brown getting back together this makes me wonder what’s going on behind the scenes

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