Rihanna Reveals New Duet With Man Who Beat Her Horribly

R&B star Rihanna has revealed a new duet with the ex-boyfriend* who beat her horribly on the eve of the 2009 Grammy Awards. The new Rihanna duet with the man who assaulted her is titled “Nobodies Business”, which is obviously a slap in the face to those who have accused Rihanna of setting a bad example by intimately associating with a man who beat the holy hell out of her.

The “Nobodies Business” duet is part of the official track list off Rihanna’s upcoming album Unapologetic. Rihanna sent the list out to her fans via Twitter. This is not the first time Rihanna has sent out a musical f**k you to domestic violence advocates who have begged her to stay away from the man who made her look like a bad Halloween makeup victim. Rihanna and the man who beat the crap out of her got together on a remix of her song “Birthday Cake” earlier this year.

Rihanna and the sick bastard who made a punching bag out of her face have been seen getting very cozy with each other at various public events in recent months. The man who beat her also attended Rihanna’s Halloween party last week dressed as a terrorist. Yes, a terrorist. Very classy. Of course, he could have just gone dressed as himself, which would have been a very convincing costume of a domestic violence abuser.

Rumor has it the former couple has been sliding between the sheets together again on a regular basis. From all accounts, it appears their relationship is pretty much back on, despite the very public abuse and humiliation Rihanna suffered–literally–at this man’s hands. That is almost as disgusting as the incredibly disturbing tattoo this man who beats women had inked on his neck recently. You know, that one bearing a remarkable resemblance to Rihanna’s bruised and bloody face after he pounded her repeatedly–which he claims is a ‘Day of the Dead’ face and has nothing to do with her.

Doesn’t that tattoo just smugly look like it is saying: “Look at me! I beat the living daylights out of a famous, beautiful woman who I supposedly loved and all I got was a little slap on the wrist. AND, she even came crawling back to me like nothing ever happened!” Day of the Dead face my a**. Please, you could NOT look at that sketch before it was inked on your body without KNOWING what it was going to look like after you beat the hell out of a woman.

Adding horror to astonishment, Rihanna actually admitted to Oprah Winfrey not long ago that the man who crushed her face into a bloody pulp was the ‘love of her life’ and they still have a “very close friendship.” There is no doubt Rihanna is a brilliant singer and artist, but when it comes to relationships, she is obviously f**king clueless.

The upcoming Rihanna Unapologetic album also features some other artists, but frankly I couldn’t care less. Anything featuring a man who beats the s**t out of a woman will never be played in my house. Nor will the music of anyone associated with it.

Rihanna obviously is “unapologetic” about basically screaming to the world that it is just fine if a man physically abuses a woman as long as you “love” him, right? Someone PLEASE get this girl some therapy.

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* I refuse to print this man’s name in this post or any future post. He is the man who beats women who shall not be named.

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