Robert Pattinson Kissing Kristen Stewart at ‘New Moon’ Screening?

So Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart keep denying they are a couple. In the December issue of Vanity Fair, Pattinson flatly denies he is dating Stewart. Yet, the couple was allegedly spotted kissing before heading off to a private screening of New Moon!


Now, we take this report with a truck load of salt. Every tabloid site out there keeps trying to find some proof Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are indeed an item. (Including us, of course.) But rumor has it Pattinson and Stewart allegedly spent the night together at Chateau Marmont on Oct. 29, at least, that’s what claims.

According to an as-usual unnamed source, the Twilight stars reportedly shared breakfast together before taking off to see a private screening of New Moon. While hanging outside the studios, Pattinson and Stewart allegedly shared a bit more than conversation. “Rob wanted a cigarette so he went outside with Kristen for about 15 minutes,” the source told “They were hugging, as Rob was smoking his cigarette and then he leaned down and kissed her on the lips. He had his arm around her almost the whole time.”

Now, honestly, even if it is true, friends do sometimes hug and kiss. And seriously, if this supposed source actually did see the couple smooching, where is the cell phone pic? You know they’ve got a cell phone!

Whether we’d like to see RPatz and KStew as a couple or not, for now we’ll take their word for it they aren’t hooking up off screen. At least, until someone out there delivers some serious photographic evidence or an on-scene report from someone with a name other than “source”!

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