Rush Limbaugh Uses Heart Scare to Slam Health Care Reform

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh is doing fine after a scare last week that sent him rushing to the hospital with severe chest pains. After extensive testing, doctors were unable to find anything wrong with Limbaugh and he has now been released to rest and recuperate. Limbaugh plans to return to the air within a week at the most.

Rush Limbaugh
Rush Limbaugh

Not only is Limbaugh reportedly not going to keel over and die any time soon, he’s managed to capitalize on his heart attack scare by using the experience to slam Democratic healthcare reform plans.

“Based on what happened to me here,” Rush Limbaugh told reporters about his hospital visit, “I don’t think there is one thing wrong with the American healthcare system. It is working just fine.”

We recommend that if Rush Limbaugh really wants to get a taste of true American healthcare, that he grow a Unabomber beard and drive to the Bronx or rural Alabama and ‘relive’ his chest pain experience. Then call 911 and when they show up (if they show up), give them a fake name and tell them you have no insurance or ID.

We wonder if they’ll clear and lock down a whole wing in one of the best hospitals in the country for you then? Come on, we dare you to find out!

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4 thoughts on “Rush Limbaugh Uses Heart Scare to Slam Health Care Reform”

  1. Ann,

    I practiced in rural Alabama for 7 years (Cullman). Our hospitals took care of plenty of indigents with MIs, and did a damn fine job, too. I also practiced in New Zealand, under an NHS, and the care they gave was awful in comparison.

  2. I’m glad that Rush didn’t have a serious helth issue and that he received good care. He just doesn’t realize how fortunate he is. That’s often the case with all of us, though. We tend to take our life style for granted. I’m not defending that behavior but I know I’m guilty of that, too. I just don’t use it as an occasion to jump on some political band wagon. But, further, if Rush found a piece of peanut shell in his bags of peanuts, he’d somehow be able to link that to the competency of this Administration as he sees it.

    When we stop giving people such as him so much attention, perhaps they will go away. Notice that we didn’t hear much from Palin for at least 4 days! It seemed so quiet on the news front without her stirring things up. But she made up for it on Wednesday morning. She’s baaaack! But I don’t think the media is going to “bite” (as in taking her bait) like they’ve done before. I really hope I’m right on that, for the sake of this nation. Congress and we citizens need to concentrate on any this nation to work agin, on helping those who are suffering from the jobs being shipped overseas, and from this danged COLD winter we’re having! (All states in the Union had snow on the ground yesterday — except Florida. That’s cruel and inhuman, in my book!!!) It seems like there is a more civil tone today inspite of the fact that the inuendo stuff is still there. I read a posting at her FB site that was giving her a pep talk — Stand tall, Sarah; We need to keep working hard to elect people who love this country.” (I’m paraphrasing here.) The inference, of course, is that the Dems do NOT love this country, but the poster denies that he meant that. There have been times that a Dem has done the same thing. Regardless of who does it, it amazes me that they can really believe people can’t see through them. Maybe, though, they really can’t see the forest for the trees. That is the thing that makes some of these folks very scarey.

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