Russell Brand jokes about being arrested

Russell Brand was arrested on Friday for attacking a photographer outside LAX airport who Brand says was trying to take inappropriate photos of Brand’s fiancée, Katy Perry.  According to Perry’s own Twitter, Brand reacted when the photographer in question attempted to stick his lens up under Perry’s skirt.  So to speak.

The part of the story that intrigues me most is that by all reports, after the attack the photographer made a “citizen’s arrest” and detained Brand himself until airport police could arrive.  Seriously?  Russell Brand is 6’2″ and of fairly sturdy build, and at the time he was angry and avenging the honor of his woman, so I’d be curious to see the sort of guy who could arrest him singlehandedly, especially when the guy in question was the one who provoked the anger in the first place.  I’ve seen the video of the incident, and it looks more like the photographer ran off and cried to the airport police, which is pretty gutsy if he really did do what Perry and Brand allege.