Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock getting suspiciously close

Ryan Reynolds has only been separated from Scarlett Johansson for a few weeks, but already he’s been spotted on more than a few occasions getting cozy with his close friend, actress Sandra Bullock.  Everyone around the couple says that it’s all above the table and that there’s no funny business… yet.

After all, it would be kind of hypocritical for Sandra to get involved with a married man after the devastation of what her ex-husband did to her when they were married, but once those divorce papers are signed, that might be the green light these two need to start getting busy.  I think they’d make a cute couple, and since they’re both (almost) single… why not?

2 thoughts on “Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock getting suspiciously close”

  1. he may be married if your going on a technicality, but ryans and scarletts’s marriage has failed and they have seperated already, legally there married but its over. i disagree i don’t think she wouldn be a hyprocrite, she wasn’t the other woman in their marriage…i dont see how she would be considered that or even compared to that,so the green light is on…and if there together they make a very beautifull couple.

  2. here’s a crazy thought ?? sandra and ryan have been friends, they were co-stars so im sure they developed a caring relatinship for one another, could it be he or she is reaching out to him and being a friend, since she knows the pain that comes after a divorce…hmmmmm

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