Sam Lufti Won’t Leave Britney Alone

Britney Spears’ former jailer “manager” Sam Lutfi is determined to fight the restraining order preventing him from contacting the singer, according to insiders. Lufti cut off all outside communication between Britney, her friends and family while he was “managing” her. When Papa Spears stormed into the picture, one of the first things he did was get a restraining order on Sam (Osama) Lufti and cut off his access to Britney. The order is likely to be discussed during a court hearing scheduled for tomorrow (July 31).

And it seems that her once constant companion is refusing to go away quietly. “Sam won’t sign a permanent stay-away,” a source told E! Online, adding, “If they want to go to trial, he will go to trial. He did nothing wrong.” Except hide all the cellphones and chargers and use a car battery on the kitchen table to charge them under his supervision. And hold Britney virtually hostage while she went batshit crazy. And give her “medicine”.

Lutfi was ordered not to go within 250 yards of his famous former pal on February 1, and the order has since been extended twice without objection. Sam knows that Britney’s conservatorship could end today or tomorrow, and if it does- she’d gain back control of her assets. THAT’s why Sam won’t go away. It’s all about the money, honey.