Sandra Bullock Video Fake – Jesse James Sex Tape Maybe Not

If you’ve heard the rumor that Sandra Bullock is pregnant and there is a video out there showing off her baby bump, don’t fall for it. Although a few tabloid sites out there are spreading the rumor Bullock is knocked up, there absolutely no proof out there she is pregnant. At least one Sandra Bullock video posted to YouTube claiming to have proof of her pregnancy is, in fact, nothing more than a virus-laden scam.

Sandra Bullock (Photo: Rita Molnár - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Sandra Bullock (Photo: Rita Molnár - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Despite claims from at least a few gossip sites, there is no verifiable proof that Sandy Bullock has undergone “extensive fertility treatments” or is currently expecting any kind of baby spawn with estranged husband Jesse James. While there is always, of course, some possibility of truth to the rumor – we’re strongly doubting any veracity on this one.

Please, be good to your poor computer and do not click through on any links from any Sandra Bullock videos claiming to have proof she is pregnant. All you will get is a long, ridiculous survey that has to be filled out for you to see the video. And once you’re done with that, you’ll get a healthy serving of virus lunch. You know that whole Carrie Prejean sex tape free video download BS a while back? Yeah, like that – eat your hard drive type badness, nom, nom, nom.

Now, as for the rumors there are a dozen Jesse James sex tape videos floating around out there somewhere, that we can almost believe. He just seems like the kind of guy who would love to keep souvenirs of his conquests hidden somewhere back in the office of West Coast Choppers. So far, however, none have actually surfaced and supposed eyewitness reports of the videos remain shaky and totally unverified. Sandra Bullock, by the way, has come out to say publicly that there are and never will be any sex tapes involving her out there for prying eyes to see!

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