Sasha Fierce Needs A Stylist

Beyonce Knowles, who now REALLY wants you to call her “Sasha Fierce”…at least when she’s performing, hit the stage at the MTV Europe Music Awards in THIS piece of garbage. Cans. Beyonce’s obviously stolen baby sis Solange’s design-book! Sasha Fierce will soon be looking like Big Bird Fierce if this emulation continues. The House Of Dereon curse of fugly strikes again!

5 thoughts on “Sasha Fierce Needs A Stylist”

  1. Beyonce was supporting the new British designer Gareth Pugh…. but i’s a lil different for Ms. Fierce…. ha ha

  2. uh thats not house of dereon, thats gareth pugh, a visionary genius. i think you should get facts straight if you’re going to diss somebody.

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  5. I’m guessing fashion is not your forte because, as people have already mentioned, this dress is by Gareth Pugh, not House of Dereon. She’s also worn many Gareth pieces in her video for Diva. Ms. Beyonce has stepped up her fashion consciousness by featuring work by fashion visionaries such as Gareth Pugh and Thierry Mugler in her shows and videos.

    You should probably step up your fashion consciousness as well because, the only “garbage” here is your blog which aims at trashing those in the public eye. Hmm, how fitting.

    This is the collection the dress comes from, educate yourself:

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