Selena Gomez takes off her purity ring

Disney pop princess Selena Gomez may not be as pure as she originally hoped to be.  The teenage performer started wearing a purity ring back in 2008 as a symbol of her dedication to sexual abstinence.  She asked her father to buy the ring for her because she claimed she was not going to have sex until marriage.

However, Selena has recently been seen without her purity ring, prompting many to speculate that perhaps she has changed her mind about losing her virginity.  Selena’s been seen out with none other than Justin Bieber, and not in a professional capacity, either – word has it the two have been dating, so who knows where that purity ring has gone.

9 thoughts on “Selena Gomez takes off her purity ring”

  1. more lies, she got the ring when she was 12, not two years ago. she often doesn’t wear the ring, if you would bother to check anything out. you and sites like this are scum. you can’t make a living on your own, but leach off of working young people. you should be ashamed of what you suggest. you can even use a real name. your parents should be proud, they raised a liar with no morals or manners. get a real job instead of making up things. i think fox is hiring, they like people who make up things. try to do a little research on your stories, you might get to the truth. oh you don’t want to tell the truth. your life must be shallow and empty to do something like this. maybe we should make up stories about you, oh you didn’t use a real name did you. coward.

  2. It’s really their lives, and this was happening in florida where statutory rape charges are different and it’s legal for them before anyone starts yelling. And the last thing is no one has mention true love or marriage, my meaning is they are having a little naughty fun and relieving stress and pressure from their jobs, it will pass let it go growup. Be happy they are not pill heads or drunks and throwing wild parties. CHILL

  3. its her personal life, it her choice so leave her alone. pathetic siteds like this ruins celebrities life. look at demi! its all because of paparazzi. mind your own business. there is some damn thing we call privacy.

  4. Selena gomez is my idol she’s the only one I look up to now that demi and miley have gone bad 🙁 I love her and want her to know , no matter what she does I respect it because she’s a real person and she has the same feelings we do! So Selena just stay true to your self
    love, selena m.

  5. well all these girls who love jb dont get mad because there dating if u had the chance to date jb would u and i bet if u did a whole lot of people would be mad at u . but would u care

  6. maybe she forgot to wear it, damn! I’m sure she’s still pure and will always be till she’s married. Stay outta the poor girl’s butt and give her some space!

  7. uhm… nothing like THAT is going on between them. Justin is a good christian kid who knows better, and obviously knows how to treat a girl with respect. One little thing happends and people go crazy. let ’em be. jeeze. also, j.s. …. they wouldn’t be the first 16 or 18 yr. olds to do something like that. just cause their celebrities doesnt make them any different from the normal tennager. just saying.

  8. I pray to god everyday to give Selena the Strength to remain pure. If you ask me “Justin is the worst date”she could ever asked for. Nick Jonas was better for her because Nick also practices abstinence and wears a purity ring.

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