Shaun White Olympics 2010 Gold Medal Run Video

Anyone who was watching the 2010 Winter Olympics last night knows exactly who the breakout star of the evening was. Lindsey Vonn may have shined in her women’s downhill gold medal run, but it was ‘flying tomato’ Shaun White who stole the show with his repeat gold medal win in the Men’s Snowboard Half Pipe.

Shaun White celebrates gold medal victory (NBC)
Shaun White celebrates gold medal victory (NBC)

Shaun White rocked it so hard in his first run that he could have done absolutely nothing during his second run and still won the gold. Instead, White pulled out his new signature double mctwist 1260 trick to thrill the crowd in a victory ride celebrating his win.

Even if you’ve already watched the run repeatedly, it’s well worth another view. Shaun White has once again proved he’s the cream of the crop in the snowboarding world and no younger whipper-snapper is going to steal his glory. We thank the fine folks over at for getting a copy of the video up for the fans who may have missed the awesomeness (and those of us who can’t stop playing it over and over…)

Shaun White Olympics 2010 video featuring the double mctwist 1260:

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15 thoughts on “Shaun White Olympics 2010 Gold Medal Run Video”

  1. Dear Shaun:

    If you are reading this you are an inspiration to me. My grandson was born with a congenital heart defect like you and I have been so unbalanced since he was born. You have been a breath of fresh air and the wind beneath my wings. I have new found hope and confidence in his well being since I learned about you and your great accomplishments. I do wish to meet you someday as you have helped me to understand life with a better perspective.

  2. That chick is ugly as hell, but she sure can ride a peice of fiberglass down a snowy covered mountain.

  3. what is his email!! i need to ask him questions!!

    Dear Shaun,
    i am 11 years old, i have been snowboarding since i was 3!! I really need help with tricks!! Because I am so inspired by you, I decided to drop one of my favorite sports for snowboarding. I could really use help and tips from you!! Can you please visit me in NY?? My mom thinks that if I train real hard that I might be able to get into the next winter olympics at age 15!! Do you think so?? Please help me!! I <3 you!!

    <3 – Rachel Greenstein your number one fan in the world

  4. Shaun,
    i know i am not a snowboarder, but i love to sing and you have taught me not to give up when it gets hard in life. i will never give up my dream, and because of you i think i might learn how to snowboard

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