Sherri Shepherd Devestated by Dancing With the Stars 2012 Elimination

Sherri Shepherd was so devastated by her sudden Dancing With the Stars 2012 elimination on Tuesday night that she burst into tears after the show. The View co-host was reportedly so upset about the shocking DWTS 2012 elimination, she skipped the post-show interviews because she was too emotional to deal with the press.

“She was crying pretty hard post show and everyone was hugging her,” a source at the DWTS studio told “It’s highly unusual for [the eliminated contestant] to skip press, especially someone who seemed to have a good attitude like Sherri.”

Sherri Shepherd had recovered her cool enough by the time she appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Live show later in the night with pro partner Val Chmerkovskiy to joke about her unexpected Dancing With the Stars 2012 elimination.

“It was a very big surprise [to be eliminated],” Shepherd told Jimmy Kimmel. “Carrie Ann [Inaba] said she’s never seen me so expressionless, and I’m an actress, so that’s like telling Gladys Knight she can’t sing. As an actress, Carrie Ann’s going to get me blacklisted,” Shepherd joked.

“She has made an enemy that she’s going to have to deal with every morning for the rest of her life,” Kimmel joked back. “You will destroy her, yes?”

Shepherd told Kimmel she very much appreciated the support she received during her stint on Dancing With the Stars 2012 from her The View co-hosts. “Barbara [Walters] voted 12 times the first week, Elisabeth [Hasselbeck] tweeted [about it], Joy [Behar] was rooting for me — I know all my ladies were there for me every step of the way,” Shepherd said.

On Wednesday morning, Shepherd appeared on Good Morning America with Chmerkovskiy to share how meaningful the experience was for her, showing off her trademark smile once again throughout the interview.

“If you don’t go towards the thing you fear, you won’t be able to say you lived. Even if you fail, I got voted off, I wanted the ride to continue, but I got to say, I did it,” Shepherd said. “The thing that you fear in your stomach … run towards it. I absolutely believe that.”

“It pushes you mentally and physically and it is a life-changing experience, I have to say,” Sheppard said. “So I have to say thank you. … I’m so grateful to God for the ride I got to take, the friendships I got to make, the people I get to keep in touch with.”

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  1. Sherrie, your comment after elimination on DWTS, “That if you don’t “go towards your “fears”, you won’t “be able to say “you’ve lived”…Was such an inspiration to me, at a time in my life, that I have to make some personal changes. Thank you so much! You are “the Mirror Ball Trophy Winner”, in my eyes.

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