Sheryl Crow Starts New Jeans Line

Sheryl Crow is launching her own jeans line! The denim label is called “Bootheel Trading Co by Sheryl Crow”. Sheryl, 46, looks better in her jeans than any female singer her age. And a lot better than some half her age! Snarkista thinks this is one celeb-designed line that might actually not be lame. (I’m lookin’ at you, Heidi Montag).

The jeans label is eco-friendly- it’s made from “fair-trade” cotton and denim, and headed by Crow and her personal stylist. The line includes jeans, vintage tees and vests at affordable prices. Jeans are around $62 and tops around $36. The label launched in June, with a fall delivery date- but reports say shoppers are already seeing the Sheryl Crow jeans in some local stores. Snarkista’s been a fan of Sheryl’s for a LONG time, she kicked around Nashville for years before she became a superstar. Congrats!