Hire a notoriously demanding diva and you’ll get what you pay for: that’s exactly the lesson that the producers of American Idol are starting to learn.  After wooing failing pop star Jennifer Lopez with various different contracts that her people rejected, it seems that the two sides have finally come to an agreement… sort of.  Apparently Lopez kept demanding that she have all sorts of extras in her contract, like Fox film deals and the right to veto other Idol judge choices, but I guess she finally realized that a straight $12 million for the year was pretty much the best offer she’d had in a long time or would have anytime in the near future, and eventually she took it.

It remains to be seen whether Lopez actually knows anything about critiquing performers, or whether the show has any spark left in it with Simon gone, but we’ll get to find out on Jan 12th of next year, when the 10th season of American Idol begins to air.

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