Signs Of the Apocalypse: Wino Wants To Reproduce

Amy Winehouse is still in the hospital after fainting yesterday. Tests are “inconclusive”- except for the ones for heroin, crack, coke, shrooms, paint thinner, cough syrup, and hairspray. Wino’s dad Mitch says Amy’s 2 week stint in rehab didn’t work. Really?

Poor pop wants grandkids so bad that he’s saying that when Amy’s hubby Blaaaaaaake gets out of the big house, they’re gonna have babies. Somebody better get a freakin’ scalpel up in that weave while she’s in the hospital. You KNOW she’s one of those bitches who look as fertile as uranium, but manage to get knocked up with no trouble at all. Repeatedly.

Poppa Wino IS a bit miffed at his son-in-law for filming Amy in her natural habitat (crack house) and being so effed up that the damning video got out and hit the ‘net. And probably made Blake some coin.

Yet- he asserts to Britain’s Closer magazine,

“When it comes to Amy, I’m hopeful. I think she’ll be fine, and if Blake’s out of prison in a year, they’ll be having a family. Amy understands Blake might have to do a long time in prison — she’s not stupid. But she’ll stand by him and he’ll stand by her.

Blake’s on trial right now, and is facing up to 5 years in prison…and Amy will NEVER notice one more little pill per day! Whatever it takes- that Woomba needs to be out of commission, stat!