Simon Cowell Makes Paula Wanna Drink (More).

Ooooh, reports of shizz hitting the fan are circulating about American Idol’s Mr. Nasty, Simon Cowell. Personally, Snarkista hearts Simon, because he’s so dang crotchety, suffers no fools, and he isn’t tone deaf. Paula’s fun to watch because she’s a walking acid trip with occasional amnesia, narcolepsy and verbal diarrhea. Randy is a one-joke joke that we’ve heard WAY to many times, dawg. The new girl with the giant resume is the BIG unknown for the upcoming season, although Paula has surely been asking Mr. Jack Daniels for pointers on how to off the biyotch. Auditions have already begun, and the new season of Idol starts in January.

Simon is apparently making too much money. Isn’t it always about the money? In this case, Simon’s making about $42 million a year more than Paula, and about $48 million more than Randy. Paula needs to clam up, because she is NOT gonna make $8 million a year recycling “Scat Cat” crap from the ’80’s. Simon’s a co-creator of the show, he renegotiates his salary every year, his record label signs the winners. Randy has side projects, and is well-respected in the music world…even if he sounds like a freakin’ broken record on the show. Paula has…a seat at the table and an opaque Coke glass. $8 million a year is plenty to keep the glass full of Jesus Juice. Don’t rock the boat, Paula, or that new girl (Kara DioGuardi) may take you out. Seriously, have you seen the chick’s resume? It is KILLER. AND she’s hot. Better play nice.

3 thoughts on “Simon Cowell Makes Paula Wanna Drink (More).”

  1. The show is already going down hill for me….Adam lambert was the greatest this year’08 and look who won….It will not be the same without Paula sitting next to Simon and I got a lot of laughs out of them…Squabble but most of the time it was funny between Paula and Simon….I got my American Idol,,,Adam Lambert….and as far as Kara I got tired of her last year….Paula is cute and bubbly and really cares about the contestants on the show..Kara just blabs on…..I don’t dilike Kara but she don’t have the personality Paula does, at all……Randy is o.k. but like Simon best…..

  2. Paula will be missed. she really needs to rethink what she is doing. Is it always all the about the money? The 3 of them is like peanut butter and jelly and bread. now its just like peanut butter bread and no jelly. I pray her much success in the future.

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