So Nicole Kidman DOES Have A Bump!

Nicole Kidman baby bump It’s about damn time, too- she’s only 7 months pregnant! Nicole attended last night’s Academy of Country Music awards in Las Vegas with hubby Keith Urban. This is possibly the most awkward looking red carpet photo ever, with both of them pulling her dress back so the ‘lil lump of love would show. Nic is definitely no Angelina Jolie! Keith was nominated for ACMA entertainer of the year, but lost to Kenny Chesney in Kenny’s 4th win. Kenny’s been on a roll, so I doubt Keith was surprised.

Kenny, brainiac that he is, (trust me) immediately dissed the system that the ACMA’s used this year which incorporated fan votes on the net. WTF?! Little dude, take your statue and move on. We know Garth Brooks didn’t win that way, because his music is older than the internet! Besides, we all know the ACMA’s are the cheesy pretenders to the CMA throne. Just put on a hawaiian shirt and get a margarita, K?

UPDATE! According to yahoo news, Kenny Chesney’s a bit of a hypocrite for dissing the ACMA’s internet voting for Entertainer of the Year last night. Apparantly, Kenny’s MySpace still had a large banner Monday urging fans to “bring it home for KC,” with links to the academy’s online voting page! Chesney’s Myspace also included a May 1 post urging fans to vote! Like I said…BRAINIAC. Oh, the Chesney stories I could tell! But I wont. Unless you get me REALLY sauced!