Someone forgot to tell Kim Kardashian there’s a recession

A couple of days ago in a place called Paris, France, Kim Kardashian and her mother spent more money in an hour than you make in several years.  The pair visited the Hermes shop and purchased six handbags priced $10,000 each, one priced at $30,000, and various other bits and pieces that took their grand total well over $100,000 for the afternoon.  Notice I said “priced at” and not “worth” – because people, we are talking about handbags.

A pouch to hold your keys and your lipstick and your taser.  It doesn’t sing or dance or do tricks, it doesn’t clean your house… it just sits there on the table, being expensive.  I’m told the $30,000 bag was priced so steeply because of its rarity, but right here next to me I have a one-of-a-kind handbag that I made myself, and so far the eBay bidding is holding steady at 20 cents.  I don’t get it.

One thought on “Someone forgot to tell Kim Kardashian there’s a recession”

  1. this from a skank who has not a stitch of talent!!!! I mean her mom has totally pimped out all of her kids for her own personal gain!! People should stop buyin into this family cause tridiculoushis is

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