Spencer Pratt: So Fresh And So Clean

In case you missed it, (which Snarkista DESPERATELY hopes is true because it would mean anything was more important), Spencer “Summer’s Eve” Pratt was on the David Letterman show the other night. Now, however, it’s Monday. You NEED some laughs to cheer you up from the dreaded stack of stuff.
I am here for YOU!

The Spencester brought lady love Heidi Massingill Montag, to wait in the green room with him and stuff ego blasts up his ass until time to go on. After he’s out with Dave, he admits that the way he and Brody Jenner got on “The Hills” was to bag some of the ladies. Dave wants to know how he got onto HIS show! Dave’s not kidding!

Dave ALSO doesn’t believe people pay Spencer actual money to show up at clubs. When Spencer asserts that he doesn’t go out for less than $100K, Dave is CLEARLY not convinced! Cut to Heidi backstage where she says boy-toy is lowballing it AND tells Dave to step up his game!!! Dave’s show-booker needs to step up THEIR game. Asstastic! Suffice to say, there’s enough douche in these 6 minutes for a whole brothel. Have a laugh at Speidei again, because it’s just so damn easy.

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  1. Wow. He’s obnoxious. Couldn’t even last to the part where Dave starts ragging on him.

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