Spencer Pratt Talks Smack About Kate Hudson Boob Job

Actress Kate Hudson allegedly had breast augmentation recently and apparently reality TV star Spencer Pratt has decided he has the right to publicly weigh in on the resulting boob job. Pratt’s wife, Heidi Montag, had 10 plastic surgery procedures in one day back in November – including breast implants, so we guess he somehow feels like an expert by proxy.

Spencer Pratt (Photo: © Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Spencer Pratt (Photo: © Glenn Francis, www.PacificProDigital.com - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Kate Hudson (Photo: Katie Kiehn - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Kate Hudson (Photo: Katie Kiehn - Wikimedia Commons)

Spencer Pratt took to his Twitter feed to slam Kate Hudson’s rumored breast augmentation, saying he was not impressed. “How is it possible to get breast implants and still not have breasts!” Pratt posted that Hudson should get her money back and talk to him for a recommendation for a better plastic surgeon. “I gotta guy who will hook you up!” Pratt Tweeted.

Well, Spencer Pratt, we’ve seen what Heidi Montag’s breasts look like after she had them inflated into balloons larger than her head. We dearly hope that Kate Hudson won’t be looking to your family for any advice or beauty secrets!

Although, we do have to agree that if Kate Hudson did have breast implants, you certainly can’t tell from recent pics.

Then again, isn’t that kind of how it should be? We think it’s way hotter if a lady’s bosom matches her bod, instead of making her look like she’s going to float off into the atmosphere in a brisk breeze.

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9 thoughts on “Spencer Pratt Talks Smack About Kate Hudson Boob Job”

  1. pratts right! why get a boob job and still have no boobs, whats so insulting about that comment? get ova yourselves, if yah gonna take pics and focus on writing bout her life, be prepared to field alot of public opinions good or bad.

  2. To punk Pratt I say how can such a pencil neck criticize someone over they’re appearance when in comparison to me he’d have a concave bird chest w/ 19in chicken legs.

    My point is unless your physically more appealing than the majority of your sex (as I am) don’t criticize someone of the opposite sex.

    Regardless of how Ms Hudson dramatically improved her appearance (which she most certainly did) she’s a damn hard working single mother (I’ve seen her do it in person on a 2am 14 hour shoot). Pratt’s sperm couldn’t father an inch worm which no doubt is what his anatomy resembles.

  3. She did what has to be THE most sane breast enhancement I’ve ever seen. At least she doesn’t look she has 2 rediculous water balloons stuffed down her shirt.

    Perfect tits!

  4. Its too bad her ego ruins what otherwise would be beautiful woman. I wonder how different she’d be if she actually had to battle cancer in real life??? Alot more attractive I’m thinking.

  5. I wonder if pratt checked how incredible Ms Hudson was at that Costume Institute party the other night? I cannot understand how anyone, especially a man, could look at his chick’s water balloons actually be turned on. They ain’t real tits!! I love acting but want no part of the fake glam redcarpet world. Ms Hudson if you or your people read this I hope I can work on another of your movies sometime. You have such potential as a mother and an actress.

  6. The Killer In Me looks pretty freakin’ interesting! That genre is where she shines like a 10 carat princess cut diamond which also is what she needs on her left hand 🙂

    That blk crowes skeleton is a damn fool. Her & a son??? He must have a screw loose. I’d be makin her beleive she’s what she truly is.

    New Orleans is a helluva lot better place to live than L.A., just as Sandra Bullock.

  7. Ms Hudson’s choices of guys to become involved w/ is as skewed as People mag’s choice of Sexiest Man (or little boy as the case may be). That Ryan Renyolds BS still has me laughing. Although I wonder if the same corp which owns People ALSO has big piece of the same corp which made the tanker Green Lantern?? Hmmmmm………..

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