Stephen Colbert Beating Jon Huntsman In South Carolina Primary Poll (VIDEO)

Comedy Central anchor and comedian Stephen Colbert may not be an official candidate for any public office (yet), but he’s still managing to pull a somewhat startling 5% of the vote in a South Carolina Primary poll.

According to a South Carolina Primary poll by Public Policy Polling (PPP), non-candidate Stephen Colbert is currently garnering 5% of voter support. This has to be especially insulting to Republican presidential candidate Jon Huntsman, who is running at only 4% among voters. Huntsman placed third in the New Hampshire Primary results.

The pollsters wrote in a press release that “it doesn’t speak well for [Huntsman’s] prospects down the line that he’s running behind Stephen Colbert.”

Naturally, the poll numbers are a joke to most as many of Stephen Colbert’s alleged supporters may just be Democratic voters having a laugh at throwing their support behind the Comedy Central star.

While Colbert is not actually running for office, he announced jokingly on his show last night that he is forming an “exploratory committee” to look into the idea. He even went so far as to hand over his ‘Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow’ Stephen Colbert Super PAC powers to Daily Show host Jon Stewart so it wouldn’t intefere in his possible candidacy.

“Now that that is all cleared up, nation — I have a major announcement to make,” Colbert declared. “For over a day now, the people of South Carolina have been crying out for someone who can restore our nation’s former greatness to its current perfection. Well, America, that someone is now!”

“I am proud to announce that I am forming an exploratory committee to lay the groundwork for my possible candidacy for the President of the United States of South Carolina! Whooo, whooo, whooo! And with your help, and possibly the help of some sort of outside group that I am not coordinating with, we can explore taking this country back! Thank you. God bless you all! And God bless Citizens United!”

Even if Colbert did move past the joke to actually attempt a run for office, it is likely impossible at this point for him to join the game. He has already missed the November 1 filing deadline for the South Carolina primary ballot and there is no write-in option on the ballot.

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