Steven Seagal Sexual Harassment Case Heats Up

Former Steven Seagal employee Kayden Nguyen claims she isn’t the only woman who worked for the actor who was treated like a “sex toy.” Nguyen filed a $1 million suit against Seagal earlier this week accusing him of sexual harassment, sex trafficking and wrongful termination. The 23-year-old former model claims several other women are ready to come forward with their own tales of being manhandled by Seagal.

Steven Seagal (Photo: This Gig - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Steven Seagal (Photo: This Gig - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

“Several of Seagal’s other victims have already come to my office and submitted sworn declarations detailing the facts of Seagal’s illegal conduct towards them,” Kayden Nguyen’s attorney said, according to

Nguyen claims she and other attractive women were hired under the guise of being personal assistants to Steven Seagal but were then treated like personal sex slaves for the actor. Seagal’s lawyer, Marty Singer, has called the lawsuit “ridiculous and absurd.”

“The claims in her lawsuit are a complete fabrication without a scintilla of truth,” Singer said. “I am extremely confident this meritless lawsuit will be dismissed.” Guess we’ll have to see how many women come crawling out of the woodwork for this sex scandal showdown!

The A&E network has halted production on the reality show Steven Seagal: Lawman in wake of the allegations. Yeah, guess you don’t really want to show a guy playing ‘cop’ who is accused of keeping sex slaves…

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