Steven Seagal Sued by Former Employee Kayden Nguyen for Sexual Assault

Former employee Kayden Nguyen is suing action star Steven Seagal for sexual assault and claims the actor traffics in sex slaves. Nguyen alleges Seagal hired her to be an executive assistant, but began using her as a “sex toy” her first day on the job.

23-year-old former model Kayden Nguyen applied for a job with Steven Seagal’s production company through a Craigslist ad in February. When she arrived for work in New Orleans, Nguyen said Seagal sexually assaulted her. Nguyen claims Steven Seagal wanted her to give him a massage, which she allegedly refused. In response, Nguyen said the actor forced his hand down her pants and told her to “relax; we won’t do anything special tonight. I’ll save that for another night.”

Steven Seagal (Photo: This Gig - Source: Wikimedia Commons
Steven Seagal (Photo: This Gig - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Nguyen said she was “terrified of Seagal” and attempted to flee, but Seagal and his staff would not let her leave for six days. When she was finally able to get away, she was in such a rush to leave that she left her keys and laptop behind. According to court documents, Nguyen said Seagal told her he was a “family man” but that his wife “wouldn’t care if you were my lover.

Kayden Nguyen
Kayden Nguyen

Seagal’s lawyer, Marty Singer, told the lawsuit against his client is “ridiculous and absurd.” Singer claims Nguyen was “fired for using illegal narcotics” and there is no truth to her allegations.

Nguyen is seeking $1 million in damages from Seagal. Her lawyer, William Waldo, told CBS News his client did not go to police because “Mr. Seagal is the police… She is in a remote area of Jefferson Parish. It is the middle of nowhere and he is the police.” Steven Seagal is a commissioned deputy in the local sheriff’s department.

We’re thinking this whole lawsuit sounds just a bit outrageous, but we’ll just have to wait and see if any real evidence Seagal allegedly keeps sex slaves on his staff emerges.

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