Super Bowl Player Michael Oher Has A Fan In Sandra Bullock

Super Bowl player Michael Oher Has A Fan In Sandra Bullock. The Oscar winner is expected to attend Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans to support Baltimore Ravens offensive linesman Michael Oher, the inspiration for her hit movie The Blind Side.

In that film, based on the best-selling book about Oher and the family that took him in as a teenager and changed his life, Bullock portrayed tough adoptive matriarch Leigh Anne Tuohy. Bullock, who has remained friends with the Tuohys and owns a home in New Orleans, will go to Sunday’s game with the family.

“She’s a great advocate of doing the right thing,” Leigh Anne Tuohy told the Associated Press. “She’s a big giver. She follows Michael’s career every step of the way. It’s funny. I’ll get texts during the game: ‘Why did they do this? They shouldn’t have done that.’”

Her husband Sean says Bullock’s portrayal is “scary” in its accuracy. He explained, “She hit it right down to the look, the action, the whole thing.”