Survivor 2012 Episode 12 Recap: It’s Gonna Be Chaos

On this week’s episode of Survivor: One World, there is only one man left standing against a horde of women. The only thing that is going to keep Gregg (aka Tarzan) safe is winning immunity or a miracle falling out of the sky. We can only hope that something crazy WILL happen, or it is going to be kind of a yawn watching Survivor 2012 this week.

Even if Tarzan does somehow manage to wrangle immunity, it seems pretty obvious the second choice for elimination this week is Christina. Just for the fun of it, I’d like to see some sort of major upset happen with the alliances this week that ends up with someone totally unpredictable getting voted off Survivor this time. That would be awesome! So not going to happen though. Oh well.


Please stop here if you do not want to know what happened on Wednesday’s episode of Survivor 2012!

Before we recap, we always like to revisit CBS’ official teaser for the week just to see if it actually did give any good hints or foreshadowing about this week’s Survivor 2012 episode.

“It’s Gonna Be Chaos” — Walls come down when the Tikiano tribe shares an emotional moment with their loved ones, and one castaway’s decision creates animosity amongst wounded tribe members on Survivor: One World.

Alright, keeping that in mind as we go along, let’s mosey on ahead and get started with that Survivor: One World episode 12 recap, shall we?

Kat shares with the rest of the survivors what Troyzan told her when he left. Alicia thinks Christina now looks dumb after the last Trival Council. Alicia thinks she is the master in control of everything — how very Alicia!

The castaways get a tree mail and are able to listen to messages from their families on a phone. Everyone is excited when they figure out their families are on the island with them. Of course, this is all about a reward challenge. Whoever wins the reward challenge will get to spend time with their family member.

Reward Challenge:

Kat wins the reward challenge and decides to choose Kim and Alicia to go with her. Kim thinks this is a totally selfish move and it going to lead to issues when Kim gets back to Cat. Sabrina also thinks it was selfish and Kat is immature. Chelsea also thinks Kat is screwed and has a target on her.

Everyone is angry at Kat and she has really messed herself up in the game by taking her two buddies with her to go get drunk instead of being kind to Tarzan and Christina and taking them instead. Everyone wants Kat to get voted off now, although Kim is not really sure it is the best decision.

Immunity Challenge:

The castaways have to stand on a skinny pole and hang on for all they are worth until only one is left standing. Sabrina is out first, then Tarzan, Alicia, Chelsie, Christina and Kat. Kim wins immunity again.

Kat continues to go on about how she is so in control of the game and she wants Sabrina to go.

Tribal Council Votes:

  • Sabrina
  • Kat
  • Kat
  • Kat
  • Kat

Wow! CBS wasn’t kidding about there being some surprises going on this week. Kat has been voted off Survivor One: World on a week when everyone was predicting it would be Tarzan or Christina. Yay for chaos!

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6 thoughts on “Survivor 2012 Episode 12 Recap: It’s Gonna Be Chaos”

  1. The world would would be a much better place if that crazy bitch Kim was not on the tv every Wednesday night! She has got to go!!

  2. Who would want to go to the end with Kim?  Hello, everyone loves her!   She’s the most two faced since Russell.  Also, Alicia….special ED teacher…if she was teaching my kid, I would pull them out of her class so fast.  She’s a classic bully.  The perfect example of what’s going wrong in todays school system…classic bullying.  The way her and Colton the gay, racist rich kid…bullied Christina was embarrassing to watch, the worst behaviour I’ve ever seen on Survivor.  Her students should be embarrassed of her and she should be watched carefully at school.  She could be mistreating her students and they may not realize.  She’s crazy.

  3. That’s what happens when you have so many ugly witches on the show. The sweet one gets blackballed and the ugly witches stick together…for a while. Then they get even uglier. Kat was sweet inside and out. The rest are ugly through and through. Sort of like the upcoming presidential race. We have to choose the lesser of two evils.

  4. About time Kat went home. Now the rest need to wake up and vote off Alcia and Kim.

  5. Kat was so afraid of being thought as a follower but she will go down in Survivor history as the dumbest

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