Survivor 2012 Finale Recap: Who Won Survivor Philippines!

Who won Survivor Philippines 2012 will finally be revealed tonight in a two-hour special Sunday finale. Final four castaways Lisa WhelchelDenise Marie Stapely, Mike Skupin and Malcolm Freberg can almost taste that million dollar prize, but only one of them can be the Survivor Philippines winner. Who won Survivor 2012 Philippines? Join us for our live Survivor Philippines finale recap right here and find out with us!

Survivor season 25 comes to a close tonight and someone will be walking away with a cool million and the title of Survivor Philippines winner. Which of the final four castaways will be the one who won Survivor 2012 Philippines? Well, if you haven’t been reading up on any Survivor spoilers, join us for some speculation before our live Survivor Philippines recap begins.

Former child star Lisa Whelchel started off rather weak this season, but managed to worm her way into the right alliance of people to take her to the final four. She seems to get how important it is to take the right opportunity when it is presented to her. With her overall game play skills and relative likeability, I believe she’ll make it as high as the final two, but not be the one who won Survivor 2012 Philippines. I think the Jury would be more likely to award the win to either Malcolm or Denise over Lisa for certain.

Despite some nebulous Survivor Philippines spoilers out there, I do not believe veteran player Mike Skupin will be the Survivor 25 winner. I think he may not, in fact, even make it to the last three castaways unless he wins the final Immunity Challenge. Even if he did make it to the jury, I just don’t see them choosing to reward Mike with a million bucks over any of the other remaining players. Personally, I wouldn’t vote for him just because he is a veteran player, regardless of how well or badly he played the game in Survivor season 25.

That leaves Malcolm Freberg and Denise Stapley as the two I feel are most likely to be the Survivor 2012 Philippines winner. Unfortunately for Malcolm, I think he is also the player with the biggest target on his back. If he had not been immune last week, he most likely would have been sent packing. So if there is any way for the others to get Malcolm out before the final three, it will happen. He desperately needs to win the final Immunity Challenge or he could find himself left out of the final three.

As for Denise Stapley, I think she has the best chance of all of them to be the one who won Survivor season 25. Although she’s certainly tread on a few toes during the season, I think it has to be recognized by everyone on the jury how exceptional of a player she has been. If she ends up facing the Jury with anyone except Malcolm, I think she has the Survivor winner title in the bag.

Of course, we can speculate and read all the Survivor predictions and Survivor spoilers we like, but we won’t know for sure until the end of the Survivor Philippines finale tonight. Who won Survivor 2012 Philippines after all is said and done? Our live Survivor recap of the two-hour finale for season 25 starts right here at 8:30PM!

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