Survivor 2012 Philippines Premiere – Meet the Survivor 25 Cast! (VIDEO)

The Survivor Philippines premiere debuts tonight and I’m just astounded we’re actually about to meet the Survivor 25 cast. I actually remember watching the first season of Survivor and being wowed by this whole new and absurd reality TV concept. Here we are now with Survivor 2012 Philippines for the show’s 25th season and viewers are still tuning in like mad!

For Survivor Philippines 2012, the show goes back to its roots. This season the Survivor Philippines cast contestants will be once again split into three separate tribes. They will also be going back after many years to a location that provides the opportunity for tons of water-based challenges, which will probably lead to some serious unhappiness for those who aren’t the best swimmers. Drama!

Survivor Philippines 2012 welcomes back three previous Survivor cast contestants who were evacuated during earlier seasons due to medical reasons. Each tribe will feature one of these returning players: Russell Shaw (nearly died after his heart rate fell through the floor on Survivor Samoa), Jonathan Penner (serious knee injury and infection on Survivor Micronesia), and Mike Skupin (inhaled smoke and burned on Survivor Australian Outback). There will also be two quasi-celebrity players on the Survivor 25 cast: Lisa Whelchel (Blair on The Facts of Life) and Jeff Kent (former San Francisco Giants MVP).

The rest of the Survivor Philippines cast of 18 is rounded out with the usual odd misc of characters, including a seminary student, a sex therapist, a Former Miss Delaware and an attorney. We are amused to learn that Lisa Whelchel will actually attempt to hide her history as Blair on The Facts of Life from the other contestants, despite her oh-so-recognizable face.

Watch the first few minutes of the Survivor Philippines premiere and check out the new Survivor season 25 cast in action.

Here is the full list of the Survivor Philippines 2012 cast tribes:

Castaways on the Kalabaw Tribe include: Sarah Dawson, Katie Hanson, Jeff Kent, Dana Lambert, Jonathan Penner and Carter Williams.

Castaways on the Tandang Tribe include: Abi-Maria Gomes, Roberta “RC” Saint-Amour, Artis Silvester, Lisa Whelchel, Peter “Pete” Yurkowski and Michael Skupin.

Castaways on the Matsing Tribe include: Malcolm Freberg, Zane Knight, Angie Layton, Roxanne “Roxy” Morris, Denise Stapley and Russell Swan.

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