Survivor 2012 Philippines Recap: Week 13 – Gouge My Eyes Out!

Survivor 2012 Philippines finale week is here at last and there are only two episodes remaining in season 25. On tonight’s show, the final five survivors–former child star Lisa Whelchel, veteran player Michael Skupin, Malcolm Freberg, Denise Stapley and Abi-Maria Gomes–will be pulling out all the stops to make sure they are one of the last finalists standing. Who was voted off Survivor 2012 Philippines tonight could very well determine the ultimate winner in the finale on Sunday. Who do you think went home on Survivor Philippines this week? Join us for our live Survivor Philippines recap of week 3 and find out with us!


This post contains Survivor 2012 Philippines spoilers from week 13. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened or who was voted off Survivor Philippines this week!

The Survivor Philippines finale week is here at last and I honestly still can’t believe former Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel is still in the competition. She is really lucky she managed to skate through the first few weeks of the competition and get this far. If she manages to somehow end up as the winner of Survivor Philippines 2012, I will have gained a whole new respect for my least favorite actor on a former childhood favorite show.

Somehow, I do think Lisa Whelchel will manage to make it through to the final four on Survivor Philippines. As for the rest of the remaining competitors, I’m finding it difficult to predict exactly who was voted off Survivor 2012 Philippines this week. I supposed I could just go read up on the Survivor spoilers for what happens on tonight’s episode, but that would spoil the fun!

According to the CBS Survivor Philippines spoilers for tonight’s episode, the “power alliance is crumbling” and Lisa Whelchel will be aiming to “take out the biggest threat” left in the game. From this I’m going to take a guess that Lisa is going to possibly try to take Mike and Abi-Maria to the final three. That would, of course, violate her previous alliance with Malcolm and Denise to go to the final four with her and Mike.

Let’s not forget though that the winner of the Survivor challenge tonight will be guaranteed a spot in the final four, so we can look forward to quite a battle tonight to capture that coveted prize. So that could throw all kinds of kinks into everyone’s plans. Plots within plots and schemes within schemes. How it will all end up is anyone’s guess! Who got voted off Survivor Philippines tonight after it was all said and done? We’ll bring you the results live right here in our Survivor Philippines recap starting at 8PM ET!

RECAP: CComing back from Tribal Council, Abi-Maria kind of can’t believe she is still in the competition. Honestly, I really can’t believe she is either except that everyone else knows they can beat her if they take her to the finale. Abi thanks the others for keeping her around.

Lisa Whelchel is feeling bad that Carter was voted off Survivor Philippines in the Tribal Council. Obviously not too bad though, considering she was all up in the scheming to vote him out. She says the nature of the game is not fair and she has to bring someone she can beat to the finals. She better be careful though, because Malcolm knows she is up to her neck in plotting and says she is getting dangerous.

Abi-Maria tries to keep fooling the others into thinking she has a hidden Immunity Idol by going off into the woods. Unfortunately for her, no one is really buying it. Abi-Maria knows Malcolm will be able to save himself with his Immunity Idol and she’s plotting how to go after him.

To further her plan, Abi goes after Lisa to try to convince her that Mike, Malcolm and Denise are actually conspiring against her. Lisa doesn’t really seem to believe it, but she knows Abi would be a good person to take to the finals with her. Lisa lets Abi think it is all good and thanks her for hte information. Lisa would like to get Denise eliminated and keep Abi because she thinks she can beat her.

In the Reward Challenge, the survivors have to do a crazy race over slides and through the ocean to grab rings for a ring toss. Whoever wins gets to go on a ride in a helicopter and get a pizza and soda dinner. They can also take two people with them to enjoy the prize.

Unsurprisingly, the challenge comes down to Mike and Malcolm battling it out for the win. Mike finally manages to edge ahead and get his last ring and wins the reward challenge. He picks alliance mates Malcolm and Lisa to go with him. They head off in the helicopter to have a grand time eating junk food. Mike gets totally wasted on sugar and Malcolm thinks it is awesome.

Back at camp, Denise is in a pissy mood. Abi tells her she has the swing vote and the immunity idol. Denise thinks Abi is full of it, which she is.

After stuffing themselves, the reward winners go swimming with sharks. Did they wait an hour after eating? (tsk tsk tsk) Accident prone Mike whacks his head with a sharks but there seems to be no lasting damage. Malcolm says all he could think about when it happened was “one less player” to deal with.

Malcolm talks up a final three deal with Lisa and Mike. He says they have to get out Denise or she will win because she’s tough and likeable. Mike and Lisa agree with the plan. So far Lisa has kept faith with what she says, but she knows that if she goes to the final three with these two, she’s probably not going to win this thing.

Mike says Malcolm is dangerous because he is most likely to win the immunity. Lisa says she just wants not to stress about things so the deal works for her. Truthfully though, she really didn’t get a chance to talk to Mike about it and so she might indeed change her mind later and try to get him to go for a different plan.

The next morning Denise is woken up by a nasty pain in her neck and she is having trouble moving her neck and arm. She finds what looks like bite marks on her neck. Ouch! Hopefully it will not last long and she thinks it might just be an allergic reaction. Lisa says a prayer for her. Abi, being the mean little ***** she is, hopes Denise does not get better so she will lose the Immunity Challenge. She says she didn’t come there to feel bad for people, she came to win a million bucks.

At the Immunity Challenge, Denise shares with host Jeff Probst how horrid she is feeling. Jeff says this could open a chance for Abi to make it to the finals.

In the challenge, the castaways have to run across a rope bridge putting planks down ahead of them to step on. They have to collect pieces to put together at the end. This is a nasty chalelnge, but the winner will get a guaranteed spot in the final four so the heat is on.

Malcolm falls and has to start over, which is a really bad thing for him. He ends up being way, way behind. Mike, Denise and Lisa all make it across and start building. Abi struggles to catch up. Malcolm finally makes it across and starts putting his pieces together. Denise thinks she is done but it turns out she missed a piece.

Mike, Lisa and Abi struggle while Denise has to figure out where she went wrong. This gives Malcolm a chance to catch up to the rest. He gets his pieces together and thinks he has it right. He tests his build and believe it or not, he has won immunity again!

Abi does not applaud with the others, once again showing what a brat she is. Jeff reminds Malcolm that if he still has his Immunity Idol, this is the last chance for it to be used. Denise is secretly happy and says in camera talk that Abi is going to go home and her torture will finally stop!

Immediately after the immunity challenge, Abi starts working her plan to get Denise voted off Survivor Philippines next. She whines to the camera how she is tired and gets no credit for anything. She says Mike and Lisa need to vote against Denise to get her out. She talks to Mike and tells him it would make more sense to take her to the end, which is true. She says Mike and Lisa would not be able to beat Malcolm and Denise. Also probably true.

Mike says to the camera he needs to think about his plans. He tells Abi he will run things over with Lisa. Lisa and Mike talk and they really think Denise does need to go.

Malcolm and Denise talk and she wants to know if he might give his hidden Immunity Idol to someone else. He is waffly about it. To the camera though he says he would not give it to Denise because she is safe. (Oh Malcolm.) He thinks it would make a nice souvenir for his Mom.

The only problem for Lisa and Mike is that they know they may have trouble with Malcolm in the remaining challenges. If Denise is still around, she might beat him in those than Abi.

At Tribal Council the jury of Artis, Jeff, RC, Pete, Penner and Carter join the remaining castaways. Jeff wants to know what happened after Malcolm won immunity and she says Abi has been trying to save herself from elimination. Abi says she has a target on her back. Jeff snarkily adds that everyone hates Abi.

Denise gets snarky herself and says you would only take Abi along because you are that kind of game player. Jeff pipes up to remind her that Abi managed to survive when 13 other people were voted off. Denise says that was a lot of luck. Lisa gets a bit pissy over that.

Malcolm says he is thinking about who he can beat in the finals and Abi says he should choose her. She says Denise is a much bigger threat and she could win the game over him. Her and Lisa and Mike can’t.

Abi says Mike is an idiot and he is going to lose a million dollars. She talks over him and calls him more names. She says Mike thinks he is going to win but he is not.

Jeff asks Lisa if there is any point to keeping Abi around and she says it would be better to have Abi because she thinks she could beat her. Jeff asks Abi if she can’t win, why does she want to be in the final three. She says she just wants to be in the finals. Malcolm adds that sometimes the most hated person does win.

Abi says she is the one who needs a million dollars and Denise is just making friends. Denise angrily says she is in it for the money too.

Now it’s finally time for the votes!

Abi votes to send Denise home.
Denise votes to send Abi home.
The other three votes are not shown.

Jeff counts the votes and calls for the hidden Immunity Idol. Malcolm doesn’t even bother to give it up.

The votes are announced and in the end it looks like all that talk about getting out Denise was just a bunch of BS in the end.

Abi-Maria has been voted off Survivor Philippines.

Mike dances and everyone laughs with joy that Abi is gone…

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  1. I really really wanted Abi to go to the end. She was just misunderstood. I understand where she is coming from because I am living it. She may be perceived as being annoying, rude, loud mouth, etc but she is not. She was playing a game to the best of her abilities. She was unfairly getting ganged up and it is not because of her attitude. It is because she is from another country; from a different culture. The rest of the cast used racism to push her to be the villain. Eventually when the cast couldn’t handle her anymore they voted her out, when everyone knows she is the one to take to the end. They didn’t vote her out because she was annoying they ganged up on her again to cover their racist attitude.

    Abi I feel for you. When you think you have it all figured out by moving to another country and living a better life…….then racism takes you down. tsk tsk shame shame

  2. You’re an idiot. Totally dumb argument u put up there. Abi is hated not because of her race. It’s just coz she’s a bitch.

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