Survivor 2012 Philippines Recap: Week 4 – Create a Little Chaos!

Survivor Philippines 2012 is back on CBS tonight and the Matsing tribe is desperately hoping they will not be going to Tribal Council for the fourth week in a row. Will they finally manage to pull off a win in the Survivor 2012 Philippines immunity challenge? Or at least not come in last? Will celebrity castaway Lisa Whelchel finally reveal her past to her tribe mates? Who was voted off Survivor Philippines 2012 this week? Join us for our Survivor 2012 Philippines recap of week 4 to find out the answers to these questions and more!


This post contains Survivor 2012 Philippines spoilers from week 4. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened or who was voted off Survivor Philippines this week!

From the official synopsis for Survivor Philippines episode 4, I am going to guess CBS wants us to think that the remaining Matsing tribe members will indeed lose out in the immunity tribe again.

“Episode 4 – “Create a Little Chaos” – Fearing that they may be the next to go home, an aspiring Sole Survivor shares a shocking story from their childhood, and in an effort to escape the looming threat of elimination, sets out to find the elusive Immunity Idol, on SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES, Wednesday, Oct. 10 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.”

Since the Matsing tribe’s immunity idol is the only one left to be found, this synopsis sort of implies that the ‘looming threat of elimination’ means someone on that tribe will be going home. If that is true, then it is veteran returning player Russell Swan who is in the most danger and desperately needs to find it. If the Matsing Tribe does go to Tribal Council again, and he hasn’t found the immunity idol, Russel is very likely to be the person who went home on Survivor Philippines this week.

Of course, CBS likes to tease with Survivor spoilers hints that aren’t actually what you think they are. So it could be that Matsing will finally manage to avoid Tribal Council this time. In that case, the “shifting alliances” and “devious scheme” mentioned in this week’s Survivor Philippines spoilers promo might prove to be very important regarding who was voted off Survivor 2012 this week.

The Matsing tribe only has three members left and they are all miserable because it just won’t stop raining! They try to get their fire started again because it went out. Russell hopes the Matsing tribe can make a huge comeback in the next challenge. He is not giving up yet. He continues to search for the immunity idol because he knows he is going to need it if they lose again. He’s right to be suspicious of Malcolm and Denise for not talking to him because they are totally geared to vote him out if they go to Tribal Council again.

Denise catches Russell searching and thinks he is covering something up. She wonders if he has found the immunity idol. She tells Malcolm and when they get the chance, they search through Russell’s stuff and all around to see if they can find whatever they think he was hiding. They don’t find anything because he doesn’t have the idol.

Over on the Tandang tribe, Abi-Maria and RC are not getting along so great and it’s mostly Pete’s fault. Pete decided to hide the immunity clue badly under a blanket to “create a little chaos” among his tribe mates. Abi-Maria sees it and RC doesn’t know how it go there. RC is worried now because Abi has called her out about the clue.

Kalabaw tribe mates Jeff and Jonathan decide to make an alliance. Jeff wants on board because Jonathan has the immunity idol. Carter hops on the alliance train and they talk about making it to the final five together. The ladies are not so happy about the guys seeming to be all grouped together.

Abi-Maria is angry that RC betrayed her trust with the immunity clue. Pete is overjoyed the two women are fighting because he considers RC a threat and wants her out. Lisa is also pleased at the tension going on because it looks like the target is off her back right now.

Now it’s time for the immunity challenge. The tribe members will have to carry two pots of rice on a pole through a maze of obstacles. Then they will put the pots on stands and tag team the next person to go. Once they have all six pots on their stands, they will have to use a wrecking ball to bust up the pots.

The first tribe to finish will win immunity and a fat meal of steak and veggies. The second place tribe will win veggies and a pot or they can trade their reward for a tarp. They also get immunity.

It is kind of ridiculous how small the Matsing Tribe is because the other two tribes have to sit out three people each. All those who sit out are women. Sexist much?

Tandang runs off with the lead, followed by Matsing. Kalabaw tries to catch up. In the end it is Kalabaw and Matsing with just one pot left and Jeff and Malcolm go head to head. Jeff manages to smash the last pot and take the Kalabaw Tribe to second place. Unbelieveable! The Matsing Tribe has lost and is going to Tribal Council for the fourth time in a row!

Russell is furious and smashing pots and starts ranting and talking to god. Kalabaw decides to choose the tarp over the food, which is probably smart considering the endless rain.

Back at camp, Matsing is demoralized even further and Russell Swan knows he is in deep trouble. He does not have the immunity idol and he is almost certain to go home. He tries to sway Denise to his side by telling him a sob story about his childhood. He talks about how he used to get beaten up as a child and would be scared all the time. Finally, one day he cornered one of the boys who used to beat on him and punched the hell out of him. He says he learned he didn’t want to ever be a coward again.

Denise is not going to go for it though because behind his back, Malcolm and Denise are still tight. They have both convinced Russell he has the swing vote and they each want the other voted out. Just in case he has that immunity idol, of course, they want him to think he doesn’t need it.

At Tribal Council, all three have brought their bags as if any of them might go home. Jeff goes around and asks everyone why they should stay, blah, blah, blah. None of it really matters because it is obvious who is about to be voted out.

The votes come down and unsurprisingly, it is Russell Swan who was voted off Survivor Philippines this week. Bye Russell!

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