Survivor 2012 Philippines Recap: Week 5 – Got My Swag Back!

Survivor Philippines 2012 continues on CBS tonight and previews for this week’s episode are promising serious drama for one member of the Kalabaw Tribe. On a season where three veteran players returned after being medically evacuated in their previous season, could it be that another player is about to lose their chance at winning Survivor 2012 Philippines because of a medical emergency? Who was voted off Survivor Philippines 2012 this week? Join us to find out all the answers about tonight’s episode in our Survivor 2012 Philippines recap of week 5!


This post contains Survivor 2012 Philippines spoilers from week 5. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened or who was voted off Survivor Philippines this week!

The official teaser for Survivor 2012 Philippines episode 5, “Got My Swag Back,” says that a “twist in the game causes a shift in tribe dynamics.” I can only wonder if this might have something to do with the Matsing Tribe only having two members left after ending up at Tribal Council for the fourth time in a row last week. Perhaps we have a tribal merge to look forward to?

The synopsis from this week also says that “as conditions worsen at camp, one castaway is faced with a game-changing decision.” I’m guess from the Survivor Philippines spoilers video previews for this week that this part refers to the dramatic medical emergency faced by Kalabaw Tribe member Dana Lambert.

From the Survivor 2012 spoilers clip below, it looks like Dana Lambert is in a bad way and has to make the decision about whether or not to stay in the game. A secondary plot line of the episode seems to revolve around celebrity contestant Jeff Kent, a former All-Star MLB player. Looks like Sarah Dawson is onto his secret (and has been since the beginning). Will the other tribe members find out?

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The Matsing Tribe is in turmoil as they leave the Tribal Council. With only two members left, they have no idea what is in store with them. Will they continue as a two-person tribe against the others? Or will there be a tribal merge that will leave them lowest on the totem pole as the newbies in another tribe?

Malcolm and Denise get out the clue for the hidden immunity idol and start looking everywhere for it. They pass over it quite a few times while messing with the rice bag until finally Malcolm figures out the immunity idol is the emblem on top of the rice container.

This turns out to be a big benefit for them going forward because host Jeff Probst tells them the Matsing Tribe is no more. They both be randomly shipped off to another tribe. Malcom will be going to Tandang and Denise will be going to Kalabaw. Uh oh, who gets to take the immunity idol with them?

Time for the reward challenge and the prize this time will be some delicious sugary sweets and caffienated beverages. The tribe members have to knock down the idols of their opponents for points. The first team to five points wins. The reward for the winning team is cookies, coffee and other goodies.

The competition is back and forth and ends up tied at 3 to 3 and then tied again at 4 to 4. In the end, it is new tribe member Malcolm who gets the final point and brings home a win for the Tandang Tribe.

Malcolm is pretty danged pleased with himself because he’s “got my swag on” with a new tribe, an immunity idol (yep, he has it) and sweet treats to enjoy. Pete is also pleased to have Malcolm on the team and he spills that he has immunity idol. Mike now has a big target on his back.

Over on Kalabaw, losing sucks and going to Tribal Council bites. Katie is happy though to have Denise on their team and wants to recruit her to the tribe’s female alliance.

Oh no, Dana is not looking so hot after another wet cold night. She is dizzy and her stomach hurts. Then she starts throwing up. Kalabaw is getting concerned that something is very wrong with Dana. She has a fever and isn’t talking. Jonathan is worried that Dana’s body could be shutting down.

Host Jeff Probst brings in the medics to check her over. I was thinking it looked kind of like appendicitis, but the medics say it is not life threatening. They said they can give her fluids to drink and see if she can hold out for another 12 hours. Is she willing to stick it out for the chance to win a million dollars?

Wow! Apparently Dana is feeling too incredibly horrible to continue. In tears, she has decided to be medically evacuated from the game and give up her place among the castaways. Kalabaw gathers around to say goodbye before she leaves them. The tribe is now back to an even number of girls versus guys. Katie is pissed off because the girls had just gotten the advantage and now they’ve lost it.

Now it is time for the all important immuinty challenge. Tonight’s challenge is a fun (for us, not them) obstacle course with a draw bridge and everything. At the end they have to chop through a rope to release various puzzle pieces to put together to spell out the answer.

Tribe Tandang has an extra player, so they choose Abi-Maria, with her bad knee, to sit out. Jeff seems somewhat perturbed by seeing Abi-Maria sitting out another challenge and asks her how many she’s actually competed in. She answers that she’s done two.

Tandang starts off with a big lead because of Katie not doing so great for Kalabaw. Tandang works it hard and they are not letting Kalabaw catch up… until right at the end. Just before the finish it is neck and neck, literally seconds seperate the winner and the loser. The tribe who took home the win in the immunity challenge is… Tandang!

Tandang wins yet again and Kalabaw is headed off to Tribal Council. Who will be voted off? Looks like it is a pretty good bet that Katie, who put her tribe behind right from the start, is about to be leaving the game…

Over at Kalabaw, Katie knows she is in trouble because of how she did in the challenge. Denise doesn’t want to lose anymore. She gets with Jeff and says she wants to be his ally. The girls are now divided, so there goes that female alliance. Either Katie or Dawson is going to go home.

Dawson knows Jeff’s secret that he is a former professional baseball player and she tries to use the knowledge to manipulate him. This is perhaps not the smartest tactic since he has the votes on his side to get her in deep trouble. Hmmmm. Maybe my Katie prediction was premature.

At Tribal Council, Jeff thinks not having Dana is what made Kalabaw lose in the immuinty challenge. Dawson thinks that the tribe should keep Denise because she has proven she is a strong player and she has a positive attitude.

The time comes for the vote and it is 1 vote against Denise and 4 votes against Dawson. Wow! A blind side vote with Dawson eliminated from Survivor Philippines! I so did not see that coming at the beginning of this episode…

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