Survivor 2012 Philippines Recap: Week 7 – Not the Only Actor On this Island

Survivor Philippines 2012 returns to CBS tonight and from the title of this week’s episode, it looks like castaway Lisa Whelchel may be one of the featured players this week. Will the secret of her child star past on The Facts of Life finally come out to everyone at last? If her secret is revealed, will the rest of her tribe turn against her to get her out? Who was voted off Survivor Philippines 2012 this week? Join us for our live Survivor 2012 Philippines recap of week 7 and find out what happens with us!


This post contains Survivor 2012 Philippines spoilers from week 7. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened or who was voted off Survivor Philippines this week!

Tonight on Survivor Philippines 2012, two tribes will merge into one and things are likely to get very messy. Alliances will be tested. Deals will be made and broken. This has all the makings of a seriously fun episode! Here’s the official synopsis for this week’s show:

Week 7: After Tandang and Kalabaw tribes merge, castaways scramble to solidify their numbers and rank in the new tribe. Meanwhile, Lisa Whelchel is confronted on her past as a former TV teen star, on SURVIVOR: PHILIPPINES, Wednesday, Oct. 31 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

Can’t wait to find out who was voted off Survivor Philippines 2012 this week? Join us here at 8PM for our live Survivor 2012 recap of week 7!

Only eleven castaways remain on Survivor Philippines and of them, there are only two left from the original Tribe Matsing. So they were split up and assigned seperately to Kalabaw and Tandang. Now they are being uprooted again as it looks like tonight all the castaways are merging into one big tribe.

Coming back from Tribal Council, Kalabaw is not pleased at having lost the last challenge. Tandang, on the other hand, is very pleased and Malcolm is has a foothold in his new tribe after being crucial to their win once again. Meanwhile, Denise, Malcolm’s former ally, is pissed at having  gone to a sixth Tribal Council. She should just be happy she’s survived that many considering how much of a threat she is.

The tribes are given 10 minutes to pack up their goods and head out for the merge. Denise is beside herself with joy at the thought of being able to get back in her alliance with Malcolm. The two of them together are certainly an even bigger threat since both are seriously strong players.

The castaways celebrate the tribal merge with a nice spread of food and drink, which probably tastes like heaven to all of them at this point. Jeff the baseball player really wants to make sure a veteran does not win this game and also keep his secret that he is a former MVP with loads of cash.

Some of the castaways start working on making a shelter for the new tribe. Former Facts of Life star contributes to the chores by hanging up everyone’s clothes. In the process, she comes across Malcolm’s immunity idol.

He grabs her to talk and she apologizes for accidentally discovering his idol. Turns out this could be a lucky thing for her because she ends up added to Malcolm and Denise’s alliance… for now anyway. Lisa knows she is not the only one acting on this island and they could be playing her.

Jonathan knows Lisa was a child star but so far he hasn’t revealed this information. He thinks she can possibly keep under the radar and make it to the final three. Jonathan talks to Mike about plans to make sure the veterans don’t win this thing. He wants to know if Michael is willing to go against his former tribe mates.

Jeff continues to rant about not letting a veteran win this thing.

RC thinks she is still good with Michael and wants to keep that alliance tight. RC and Mike have decided they need to align with the former red tribe to put themselves on the side with the best numbers. This may not keep them out of danger though, because there is a huge amount of plotting going on.

A plan comes together for the Tribal Council to make the vote come down to four for RC and for for Jonathan to force him to use his hidden immunity idol and get it away from him.

At the Immunity Challenge, host Jeff Probst takes away Tribal Immunity for the first time and the castaways will be battling for individual immunity. In the chalelnge, each person has to hold on to s spool with a bucket containing 25 percent of their body weight. The guy and girl who are left standing at the end win immunity.

Naturally, this challenge is not geared for the weak. Michael drops out first. Lisa is the first lady to lose it. Malcolm is out after her. RC and Abi-Maria both have to give up. May the strongest girl win, it looks like Denise has taken immunity for the ladies. On the guy side the final three standing are Artis, Jeff and Carter. Artis drops out, leaving just Jeff and Carter. Jeff decides to make a deal with Carter and let him take immunity.

At the Tribal Council, Abi-Maria and RC get into it hot and heavy. There is talk about how one of the former tribes has bigger numbers than the other, but it doesn’t appear to be a big concern. Jeff thinks there is going to be a blind side tonight.

Time for the vote!

Jeff asks if anyone has a hidden immunity idol they want to produce. Jonathan reveals his idol, which saves his butt. All the votes against him are thrown out. Pete has two votes against him, but the person with the most remaining votes against them is… RC.

RC has been eliminated on Survivor Philippines week 6.

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