Survivor 2012 Philippines Recap: Week 9 – Little Miss Perfect

Survivor Philippines 2012 returns to CBS tonight and according to the Survivor spoilers for tonight from CBS, something big is in the works for this week’s episode. What kind of “life-changing experience” will some of the castaways be having on Survivor 2012 Philippines tonight? Who was voted off Survivor Philippines 2012 this week? Join us for our live Survivor recap of week 9 and find out the answers with us!


This post contains Survivor 2012 Philippines spoilers from week 9. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened or who was voted off Survivor Philippines this week!

Can’t wait to find out who was voted off Survivor Philippines 2012 this week? Join us here at 8PM ET for our live Survivor 2012 recap of week 9!

RECAP: Coming back from Tribal Council, Abi-Marie goes after Mike for voting against her, but veteran Jonathan Penner confesses that it was his vote. There are five members left of the now defunct Tandang tribe. If they vote as an alliance, Jonathan knows he is probably a goner. However, the truth is that the former tribe is not getting along so great…

Lisa thinks maybe Survivor is just too big for her. She praises Malcolm for his game play. Jonathan decides to go after Lisa Whelchel and see how things are with her. He questions her about why it seems she is not liked by the others. She says she told some lies and the others now have bad feelings against her. Jonathan flatters her and tells her she has his respect because you have to do that stuff to get along in the game. The manipulation is working well for Jonathan as they now appear to be besties and even hug and stuff.

Moving along to the Reward Challenge, the main tribe is once again split into two competing teams. The castaways have to drag themselves through an obstacle course of mud to a rice bed. There they have to get the balls into a basket. The winners will go off on an adventure to take school supplies to a village. They will also get a hot meal prepared for them by the villagers.

The tribe is separated and the red team is Jonathan, Denise, Malcolm and Carter. The yellow team is Lisa, Pete, Michael and Artis. Abi-Maria does not play.

The challenge is a lovely, muddy mess and everyone really seems to be pushing, but in the end it is the red team who wins it. Malcolm is really, really good at challenges. I would so vote his butt out at the first opportunity.

The red team heads off to deliver their supplies to the village and are rewarded with a big, fat, awesome meal from the villagers. I guess this is the part of the show that is that whole “life-changing experience” CBS was talking about for some of the castaways this week. While they stuff their faces, they talk about how they can get Mike and Lisa on board with them in an alliance.

The yellow team and Abi-Maria head on back to camp. Pete wants to talk to Lisa and Pete about the mess at Tribal Council. Abi-Maria gets nasty and starts insulting Lisa about being too gullible and crap. Lisa is pissed off because she wants to be loyal to her alliance, but they are treating her like a doormat. Maybe she should give Jonathan’s alliance a try?

At the Immunity Challenge, Jonathan knows he is still in dire trouble and he really needs another win to make sure he is safe this week.

Looks like we have more playing with balls to contend with in the Immunity Challenge. The castaways have to balance a paddle and then roll a ball down the paddle to get it in a hole. The first person who gets a ball in each of the holes they are aiming for wins.

The castaways battle it out and it finally comes down to Mike versus Pete with the most balls in their holes. Pete messes up and gets too far behind and Mike manages to snag the win and the Immunity prize.

Jonathan is freaked, of course, because he is in a lot of danger of being voted off. So he is working every angle he can think of to make sure the target is not on his back this week.

Meanwhile, Abi-Maria is all about sending Jonathan packing, but she is concerned about what Lisa and Mike will do. Malcolm, Denise and Carter consolidate their votes to send Artis home and they want to convince Lisa and/or Mike to vote their way.

Lisa and Jonathan talk about and he waxes poetic about Survivor game play. He says people will appreciate that she was loyal, but she is loyal to people that don’t deserve to continue in the game. He is smooth-talking her all over the place to get her to break her alliance. After he’s done with Lisa, he goes after Mike. Jonathan says if Mike joins up with them he will be in the final five.

Mike wants to keep faith with Lisa and he has a talk with her about what they should do. Mike says the two of them are together to the end of the game. Lisa is seriously thinking about switching sides because her original tribe treats her like garbage.

Time for Tribal Council and the votes tonight will come down to who Lisa and Mike have decided to side with. Lisa tells host Jeff Probst that she gets more appreciation from the tribe she wasn’t in than the one she was. Abi-Maria is a biatch to Lisa and Jeff, but then she is just a biatch in general. Lisa says she has only previously been totally loyal to the remnants of Tandang but she has to think. Finally, Jeff tallies the votes up. No immunity idol is played.

The votes are counted and the person who is eliminated on Survivor Philippines this week is…


With a vote of 4 to 5, Artis has been voted off Survivor Philippines this week. Jonathan Penner managed to survive yet another week… impressive.

Looks like Mike voted against Artis, but Lisa decided to keep her loyalty to her alliance intact and voted against Jonathan.

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