Survivor 2012 Philippines Week 3 Recap: Pain and Paranoia!

Survivor 2012 Philippines returns tonight and the game is getting nastier every episode. At least one Survivor Philippines castaway will end up covered their own blood tonight and a paranoid member of the Tandang might just end up digging her own grave. Who was voted off Survivor 2012 Philippines this week? Join us for our Survivor Philippines recap of week 3 as we watch the drama unfold!


This post contains Survivor 2012 Philippines spoilers from week 3. Please stop reading here if you do not want to know what happened!

In the promo for this week’s Survivor 2012 Philippines, former Facts of Life star Lisa Whelchel scrambles to gain footing in the game and keep herself from ending up on the top of the target list. Returning player Russell Swan questions if it is “god’s plan” for him to be back on Survivor Philippines. Veteran player Michael Skupin struggles with yet another injury; this one leaving him visibly battered and bloody.

So far the Matsing Tribe has been to the Survivor Philippines 2012 Tribal Council twice in a row. If they end up going for a third time tonight, I say it’s time to pack them up, send them home and let the other two remaining teams battle it out for the win. I haven’t seen any spoilers yet for who got voted off Survivor 2012 Philippines in this episode, but I’m sure it won’t be who I expect. It never is.

Whichever tribe does end up as the losers tonight, it is very possible an immunity idol could come into play. If Veteran Russell Swan’s Matsing Tribe does somehow end up going to Tribal Council again tonight, he’d better be hoping he has found an immunity idol by then or he’s likely going to be out the door.

Ready to find out who went home on Survivor Philippines in week 3? Our live recap starts right now!


Roxy left the game last week furious and Angie of Tribe Matsing thinks it was not a classy move for Roxy to try to make her and Malcolm targets because of their closeness. Angie thinks the results of the vote means the tribe trust her and Malcolm. Russell, meanwhile, is worried Angie and Malcolm may be a dangerous alliance. He could be in trouble.

Over on Tribe Tandang, Abi-Maria continues to wallow in her paranoia as she worries that her knee injury may be painting a target on her back. RC tries to make her feel better and convince her she’s not in trouble, but it just leads to a fight. If Abi-Maria keeps it up, she is going to end up without any allies and with a big, fat target for real.

RC goes to complain at Mike while Abi-Maria tells Pete she and RC have the clue to the immunity idol. She wants to find it before RC can get her hands on it.

Peter goes after Lisa to make an alliance deal. He says the tribe is after her and wants to get her out. He says if she’ll be his ally and help him to vote out Mike, he will keep her safe. She tells him she is on board with the plan. In camera talk, she says she has to play with the hand she is dealt every day.

Over on the Kalabaw Tribe, Jonathan is complaining about his ass hurting him. Jeff and Dana notice there was an emblem or something on top of the rice container that is now missing. Carter offers up that it could have been the immunity idol. They feel like idiots for not realizing it was right there. Jeff thinks if that is true, then Jonathan must have it. No one is happy about this at all. They all agree they are going to pretend like they have no clue he has the idol and then try to blindside him. I don’t think Jonathan is going to fall for that though, since he was present when they first noticed the emblem was missing.

Denise discovers the raft is gone and Russell is surprised because he thought it was tied down well. Brilliant. Speaking of Denise, she is doing a great job of keeping up the illusion that it is Angie and Malcolm that are the threatening duo and keeping her own alliance on the down low.

For the Immunity Challenge, the tribe members have to dive down into the water and bring up puzzle wheel pieces. The first tribe to complete their puzzle will win a huge prize: a canoe, a fishing kit and immunity. The second place tribe will also get a fishing kit and immunity. The third place tribe will go to Tribal Council and lose a player. Katie and Dawson of Kalabaw, and Abi and Lisa of Tandang sit out the challenge to even up the numbers.

Starting off the challenge, the Kalabaw Tribe is in the lead after they get their puzzle pieces out of the water first. Angie struggles on the Matsing tribe, putting her team behind. Skupin ends up with blood pouring down his face after his scuba mask shatters. This guy is going to end up in the hospital, seriously. Russell puts the Matsing Tribe behind even further by coming up empty on a trip.

Tandang hurries to get ahead, but they can’t manage to get the pieces together fast enough to overtake Kalabaw. The Kalabaw Tribe gets their puzzle word first, Treasure, and they’ve taken the win. Amazingly, the Matsing Tribe actually manages to come in last AGAIN. The Matsing Tribe is headed to Tribal Council for the third time in a row.

Angie says Russell is the weak link in the chain, but fails to note that she delayed the team a lot at the start of the challenge. She hopes she can make him out to be the loser of the day though and keep herself from being voted off.

Over on Kalabaw, the tribe members are thrilled at their new canoe and fishing kit. Afraid he may be need to have his support, Jonathan tells Jeff that he has the immunity idol. Jonathan and Jeff shake on an alliance, but Jeff cheats by doing only a half-hand shake, which doesn’t count. He has the quote of the day with: “This isn’t a we game.”

Artis is furious with Skupin for breaking his face mask by diving in head first, even though he kind of did too.

Pete and Abi search for the immunity idol. Skupin, RC and Lisa all go look for clams. While she is searching around, Abi decides to pull off the emblem on top of the rice bin and discovers she has found the immunity idol.

Malcolm is pissed at the Matsing Tribe for being such a loser “group of goons.” He bashes on Angie and Russell for doing so badly at the challenge. He is thrilled he has Denise to rely on for his ally. Meanwhile, Denise doesn’t think it is a bright idea to keep Angie around, but she is not certain she can get Malcolm to vote against Angie. Russell confesses that water diving is a weakness of his and starts talking to god.

Malcolm can’t decide who he should vote to go home at Tribal Council. He tells Jeff he is just depressed about how badly his tribe is doing. He says Russell and Angie both failed at the challenge and one of them is going to have to be cut.

Russell proceeds to throw Angie under the bus and says she can’t compare to him at all. He says he put his life on the line in this game last time. Angie loses it and is crying.

Now it comes time for the vote and, of course, Angie and Russell vote against each other. Malcolm and Denise decide they are done with Angie and they both vote against her. Russell is overjoyed he will get another chance.

Angie has been voted off Survivor Philippines. She is actually pretty nice about it, unlike Roxy, and wishes her tribe good luck.

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  1. This season is getting off to kind of a rocky start with Matsing being so weak. It is giving the other tribes a free ride, and a lot of prizes. At least we saw a little drama around the immunity idols, but nothing really significant. I was talking to a coworker at DISH about the show, and he thinks they will reform the tribes next week. The numbers work out for 3 more even tribes, and I really hope it happens. I missed the show watching The X Factor, but thankfully my Hopper recorded it for Primetime Anytime. It is so nice not having to set any timers or worry about storage space and I can keep up with everything on the four major networks in primetime. It seems like whenever a team loses it snowballs out of control with them being down in competitions and having fewer resources.

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