Survivor 2013 Spoilers: Who Went Home on Blood vs Water Week 12?

Forget about who went home on Survivor 2013 in week 12, it’s all about the drama of what happened at the Tribal Council! Okay, okay, we know it is important who was eliminated on Survivor Blood vs Water this week and we’ll tell you in just a moment. But really, Tribal Council was a whole bunch of crazy this evening and the real entertainment was all about finding out who got voted off Survivor 27 tonight!

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Survivor 2013 Episode 12 – Source: CBS

At the Redemption Island challenge this week, we had Tina, Caleb and Laura M. battling it out to determine who went home on Survivor 2013 next. This was one of those challenges we would hate to have to do and would no doubt royally screw up. Caleb was the odd man out coming into the challenge considering that Laura M. actually helped Tina to beat Vytas last week. It wasn’t very nice, but it worked.

This week, no one helped anyone else in the Redemption Island challenge this time around, but Laura M. and Tina still managed to come out on top. Caleb messed up big time at the last minute and ended in third place behind Tina in second and Laura M. in first, which meant he was the next castaway who was eliminated on Survivor Blood vs Water this week.

Back over with the main tribe, tensions were hot at Tribal Council with a three to three tie after Ciera decided to switch sides at the last minute. The tie could not be broken, so the selection of who got voted off Survivor 27 this week came down to random choice. The person who drew the odd color rock would be off to Redemption Island and that was that.

The unfortunate victim of the tie-breaker tonight ended up being Katie Collins. We are sure mom Tina Wesson won’t be happy to see her daughter joining her in exile, but perhaps they can team up to win next week’s challenge, right?

Just as an aside, we wish to offer our sincere condolences to Tina Wesson and Katie Collins on the loss of Katie’s brother and Tina’s son in a tragic car accident on Tuesday. R.I.P. Taylor Lee Collins.

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