Survivor 2014 Spoilers: Survivor Cagayan Week 3 Elimination Results!

Before the Survivor 2014 results show tonight, the odds were pointing very strongly toward one or two particular players getting the boot this week.  Depending on which tribe lost the immunity challenge, of course. However, the Survivor spoilers seemed to be heavily leaning toward the ‘Brawn’ tribe going to Tribal Council tonight. So we were feeling pretty confident it would be an Aparri Tribe member who got voted off Survivor 28 on Wednesday.


Over at the Survivor Sucks reality TV forum, the ‘who will get booted’ poll for week three had Lindsey as the most likely Tribal Council victim this week. (With the assumption that the target would be Tony, but he’d throw up an immunity Idol and Lindsey would get the backlash.)

Tony was a not-too-distant second in their poll, followed by Cliff in third. Interestingly, all three were on the Aparri ‘Brawn’ Tribe, which was a pretty good indication that everyone was expecting the Brawn Tribe to loose the basketball-themed immunity challenge this week. and are among the other sites that also picked Aparri as the losing Tribe this time around. Both picked Cliff as the person who went home on Survivor tonight in their predictions.

Why? Well, from the Survivor 2014 spoilers previews and other hints for this week, it actually appears like the Brawn Tribe wanted to throw the immunity competition to get rid of Cliff. Let’s just be real clear here, it is NEVER a good idea for a tribe to botch an immunity challenge on purpose. You never know who might pull out an immunity idol and muck up your plans. Or how much you might need that extra person you just eliminated later on in the game.

Based on the reader’s polls and blogger’s predictions from all over the Net, most seemed to be in agreement that it would indeed be the Brawn Tribe members who went to Tribal Council this week. Whether they actually ended up losing the challenge on purpose or not. From there, things got a bit murkier. While Cliff was a favored target by some, others were speculating the Brawn Tribe might secretly target another player.

Cliff seemed to be the obvious target according to one Survivor spoilers clip from CBS showing Sarah talking about the need to get rid of “him” by throwing the challenge. Since she’s in an alliance with Tony, we were pretty sure she wasn’t talking about him. So it looked like Cliff was in the cross-hairs. But wait, what’s this about Tony being the actual secret target for Aparri to get out, whether he has an immunity idol or not? If that was true, would he get blindsided or would he have a chance to trade a hidden immunity idol for his safety?

Well, when it is all said and done, however, everything went down very differently than pretty much anyone out there predicted — including us! Although the Brawn Tribe did sort of attempt to throw the Immunity Challenge, they failed to lose. Instead, it was the Brains Tribe who ended up going to Tribal Council.

The votes pretty much all went one way at that point and the person who went home on Survivor 2014 tonight in the elimination results was…


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